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Custom Battle Mod v0.6 for M&B 1.010/1.011

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This is a simple mini-mod that enables you to have a custom battle through the 'Quick Battle' option on the main menu. Basically choose your map and class, then the troops for you and the enemy. If you don't have the time to run around the map looking for a battle then this mod is for you.

Installation: Just copy into the 1.010/1.011 modules folder.

Originally mod was made by Iberon. I ported his mod to 1.011/1.010.






Version 0.2:
- Ability to remove troops during party selection.
- Added two classes.
- Added two maps.
- Added ability to change the weather.

Version 0.3:
- Can now add an dremove troops in fives.
- Fixed one or two bugs.
- Repeat battle and set up new battle options are now availible after ending a battle.
(The set up new battle option should, hopefully, bypass the Quick Battle loading screen.)

Version 0.4
- Changed class system (There are now 21 classes)
- 3 new maps including an attack/defence map (The village scene used was taken from the native game. Sorry!)

Version 0.5
- Updated to v0.903
- Only three maps now (Will add more soon)
- More than two teams can fight in a single battle (On the two larger maps)

Version 0.5a
- Updated to v0.960

Version 0.5b
- Fixed issue with the 10th troop type being on the wrong team.

Version 0.6
- Ported to 1.011.
- Some minor changes.



Bedroom Assassin
I'm still surprised something like this wasn't added to native before release. Oh well, all hail Iberon and his sidekick Kolba!  :smile:

EDIT: just tried it out - bloody awesome  :shock:
I had a fight with 4 factions as a barbarian. Native ought to have battles like that  :smile:

I noticed the title screen music kept playing during the battle. Anyway of changing that ?


omzdog said:
thrymangor25 said:
so how would one go about installing this mod? where do i add it in?

How have you been living for the past years?  :shock:

i know how to install and use mods that are like standalone games, just not the ones that are mini-mods/tweak or add some features like this one, is it just the same game but with that one added feature and i have to play on that mod every time i want to do a custom battle or?


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thrymangor25 said:
... I have to play on that mod every time i want to do a custom battle or?
Yes, that's how it works. Incorporating it into other mods would require inserting the code specifically for that mod.

But it sounds like Ruthven has plans for it  :smile:


Ruthven said:
Is the source included? If not, could you please throw it in?


Here you go:


Feel free to use it, but if you are releasing something for public view - contact me by PM.


I love the custom battle mod. I like to change the scenes around, HokieBt used the farmland scene I made. I even made a dungeon.

Lt. of the tower

I played the previous version of this and was quite happy so I am going to have to get this :grin:
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