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How do I add more heroes to the standard list to choose from(like regimental officers in addition to the generals etc) even though I'd have to stick with them throughout the game and keep them breathing?

For example, each side has four ai units and in addition to the general a choice of respective commanders for their regiment which seems quite reasonable.

Forgive me if there's already a topic on this, but is the answer in menus.txt or what?

Sounds general, but I don't intend to restrict the use of the modding technique to M&M.

Having waded through it I'm stumped...



To add more heroes, you'll need the module system.
You can modify the current heroes with something like this:,105928.0.html
The latest version of the former being 1.105?

I have the other, thank goodness for their being ai versions of some of the troops.

Thank you very much, great mod.
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