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I downloaded the mod and extracted the files. I paste the custom_banner.brf in The Resources folder in Native. But what do I do with the Module_system 1.143 custom heraldic? I tried pasting the files in Textures in Native but nothing happens.


Don't do it to native. I recommend you to copy native to another folder. Edit module_info.py of the module system this package has and set the export dir like this example :

export_dir="D:/Games/MnB Warband/Modules/Copy of Native/"

Run the build_module.bat, and you can play Copy of Native module with custom banner enabled.
If you experience python related problem, just read Lumos' tutorial on my signature.

Malik Faris

It'd be nice if someone could make this actually usable to add to an existing mod.
Having to search for code that isn't clearly commented makes this kind of unusable.
And no implementation guide either.
I want this but both this guide and Falx's are really not helpful at all.


I've succesfully implemented this feature to my mod but my problem is AI Lord ; I dont want them to use this feature and instead use their native banners but when i do that only my (custom) banner shows on my shield. All the native flags bug out. Any help? I want this mod to co-exist with other banners of native warband.
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