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Custom Armor Issue?

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Hey just wondering if anyone else has experienced this glitch... and hopefully found a fix.

I have created my own armor mesh and lod's and I believe I have them set up correctly in the XML.

I launch the game, and I see my armors in game. However when I kill an enemy wearing said armor the animation is all perfect but when I move away the armors appear to become unrigged from the skeleton and the armor will move position while on the ground, hopping off the dead body...

Wondering if my lod's aren't persisting the armature like they should be? When I view the mesh using Skeleton Editor, because Model Viewer is broken in 1.5.7 Modding Tools, it looks to be ok and is rigged. But then I am not viewing lods. When I look in MetaMesh Editor I can cycle through all the lod's just fine.

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