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Sorry for questions here but where can I download these new "hot patches" like 150g? And will it be compatible with the saves that I started right at release of the mod, 2018 that is? I have items like ogre gauntlets and agility boots so maybe no right? I just wanted to use this new icestorm spell  :mrgreen: assuming it's available already. Ah nevermind found it, I think that's the google drive? https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1sLjsum2MCZ13aXU_fRRklljp6wpnolQR
I installed it and haven't had any problems so far with my saves even tho I have ogre gauntlets and you seem to not able to buy them anymore, but I have them and they don't cause any crashes, if I put them on, the repeating message that you gained 4 str lost 4 str starts to appear but it is stopped by equipping boots of agility as well, atleast thats how it works for me. Also learned the ice storm but it seams pretty underwhelming even with 40 int and 13 in magic power + full archmage set, maybe it will be good against demons I dunno :neutral:  Sorry if Im flooding here but this is the one thread that is up to date active, the others are bugs and suggestions  :???:


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opened 150hhot patch

focused on sieges:
1) 2 minute timer driven siege ammo refill  "common_siege_refill_ammo" is modified to skip agents with magic user marked in their saved stats
  This seems to be a point of weakness that can be skipped safely.  The problem originally was sieges blindly refill ranged (and throwing) weapons,
and all spells are throwing weapons.  this gave a sudden surge of spell ammunition, which could have needed up to 13 seconds to recover from.
But the kludge to fix that MAY have been crashing sieges, since sieges weren't crashing a week ago... so this is more elegant, to just exempt casters from reloading for free.  DONE

2) reinforcements.  First priority is to make sure lists holding potentially dead agents are updated when new agents arrive, as the agent numbers of dead and removed rag dolls may be reassigned to newly arrived agents.  So those lists should be cleaned immediately before bringing in the next wave, for both attackers and defenders.
common_siege_defender_reinforcement_check, common_siege_attacker_reinforcement_check    DONE
  also mission  "lead_charge"  ln 8862  reinforcements

3)  The accelerated rate of agents dying need a different timing for cleaning lists of mages and clerics, as the agent number stored on a list of for example active mages could already be recycled and in use by another freshly arrived agent for lists that are very stale.  I expect that would be seen more as battles became larger with more reinforcement waves.    DONE

cleric list clean moved to each 23 not 117 seconds, as this could be an issue for large open battles also.
mage list clean moved from 41 seconds to 29 seconds, which might improve stability as well, as large battles might involve many quick kills by magic.

paladin list continues to be cleaned on every use, by a less efficient mechanism.  This is really only an issue for > 20 female blazing hand cavalry but should not be a hang, just less efficient in theory.  Originally, this list was envisioned as staying smaller than mage and cleric.

4) Mage spells seem to have an issue showing in sieges so splitting the spells in half and loading half at a time to see where the problem is.
  Maybe not slow per se, but Haste and recovery from haste 30 seconds later.  It crashed exactly at the 30 second recovery from the first haste, which is
a blind spot for spell trace.  OK trying without haste & dispel magic (the two 21 second timer spells that aren't using spell intermediates or weapons slots).
Higher level mages have longer range, thus the belief it needs high level mages to see...

Status: testing now instead of step 4, as it appears I get past reinforcements and into some sort of pure mage issue.  I turn mage spells OFF in Phantasy settings, turn OFF stealth attacks, and with the above changes can finish a large siege as pure cleric and normal Warband calls.
I'll have to go through Mage spells, half at a time, then half of the failing half, etc...

Well do you want the good news or the bad news?  Nevermind. I got through a siege with 150h a few times.
  using THIS save game and spell trace, then cowering inside the siege tower (or getting blasted before I make it, and thus no longer influencing the battle)
the battle manages to win itself.  I turned off Chaos, Dispel Magic, Slow, Haste, and Ice Storm.  Everything else is on, and its working.  Actually, NPC don't get those spells.  The spells itself are available to the player, but use at your own risk, as one of them is blowing up sieges.  I'm out of time till tomorrow.

save game:
    spell trace is turned on, which might be a novelty to some.  At least it LOOKS like I'm doing something when trace is on, even if its still guesswork.
    I test with battle size 100 right now.  I doubt its stable at too big a value, especially with trace risking message buffer overflow if too many agents at once.

  test patch 150h

  These are both in the normal Phantasy 2018 google folder, but you're the only ones that know what to do with it.


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today's  v150h+hot patch

1) added some remade copies of mission_templates procedures in preparation for revamp of tournaments and arena missions:
    a)  common_damage_system  -->  common_damage_tourney  removed stealth attacks, keeping unarmed damage, added to tournaments and arena
    b) npc_paladin_pre_aura --> tournament_agent_pre_spawn  initializes encumbrance, dodge, resists but does not set up lists for casters
    c) removed separate calls brawler_strikes,  common_battle_sneak_attack;  as even the empty stubs of calls slow battles.

2) rebuilt flame_arrow to do damage, especially if the caster magic power is much higher than defenders [magic defense+2]

3) added an NPC spell chooser for sieges that skips selecting {Slow, Chaos} but allows Ice Storm for siege missions only.
    this allows one selector for open battles and a narrower selector for sieges, as part of overall siege reform.  Dispel Magic gets  on that list because it changes movement speed setting in the same mechanic that Slow and Haste did, and it was the RECOVERY from slow/haste that crashed, near as I can tell.  Chaos might also crash PBOD siege management, but not open field battles.Ice Storm "probably" is safe, and a few more area effect spells are handy in sieges.
  "equip_mages_siege"  called at  castle_attack_walls_ladder,  castle_attack_walls_belfry
  "timed_mage_spells" (haste, dispel magic) NOT called at  castle_attack_walls_ladder,  castle_attack_walls_belfry

4) Ice Storm slightly buffed to do slightly more (+1d4) damage and a variable slight increase in radius of effect, from 10 meters fixed to a variable 10-12 meters depending on dice roll.  Damage remains both cold for resists and blunt for (otherwise) killing blows.

5) Diplomacy Horse Speed adjust (when damaged) was ENABLED while the toggle was set to OFF and DISABLED when ON, exactly
  backwards from instructions and intuition. Now occurs when ON as expected, not OFF.
    dplmc_horse_speed      [(eq, "$g_dplmc_horse_speed", 1),],

6) slightly increased minimum brawler (unarmed combat) damage for skill = 0.
    (added 1d6 when damage was initially 2 or less; this before armor soak etc).

7) little experiment to set time of day within scenes for battles to be dawn or sunset for ambient lighting when fighting at night, display that value, then use it to set shader ambient light at night.  It IS pretty dark at night.

  Battles after 9 PM but before 1 AM use 22 as the hour of battle for lighting purposes; Midnight until "less than" 6 AM use 5 AM as the hour of battle for lighting purposes.  This gives brighter light for battle.  I could justify this for Orcs, Elves, Dwarves, Drow, and Undead as their dark adapted eyesight, but that seems cruel to human skins.  Perhaps its a mundane "para-magic".  This can be tuned better later; it's enough to find a technique that works for now and invest time in messing with shader settings some other time.  It looks like the shader access is fairly easy so it won't be more than a half day to do it "correctly", but right NOW a half day means too many things undone during a fairly crisis laden period.

8 )  I probably better reduce party sizes somewhat, so that players don't feel obliged to increase battle size, which CERTAINLY will crash this mod MUCH more often than it needs to otherwise. That means messing with the reports for party size too, bummer.
  result: report (menu) "party_size_report" shows correct total number but errs when calculating the percent influence by faction policy.
            It's a close approximation to the right numbers, but I know OCD players will bitterly complain.  I'm out of time for today...
            It also doesn't show necromancy effects from undead in the party, which for some will have a HUGE influence on party size.

9) Barbarian enraged damage bonus is never under 150% while the barbarian is under 50% health, from a suggestion by Reformist.
    It's like this - ASK, you might receive, if I'm not feeling lazy/busy - and it was a clever idea to begin with.

10) adjusted strength on Ogres but it won't have any effect on current save games in progress -- changes to stats in troops file generally happen only at game creation.  This because I noticed some ogres moving very slowly in Reformists' videos series for Orc Barbarian.

11) Diplomacy "auto upgrade companions from loot" is less greedy for very heavy gear now.
      Specifically, when (chest) armor weighs > 22,
        "script_dplmc_get_item_score_with_imod"  returns a value 1/2 previously returned, to make the upgrade less desireable
        otherwise, when the same chest armor weighs > 15,
            the returned value is 2/3rds normal.

        This allows some companions already comfortable in leather or lightweight armors to consider not trading those away until the armor is REALLY much better, so they don't stagger around in battle from encumbrance.  Many foot troops have high strength; your low level companions may not!



Haha nice change for a Berserker influenced by Reformist although I think he won't see it cause he will move to the next character showcase, I think he wanted to do a dwarven paladin or something like that.


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test of a new theory for why some users crash:

  patch v150ihot patch

1) replaces all use of the opcode  (agent_deliver_damage_to_agent, ":caster", ":target", 60, "itm_darts"),
        where the actual weapon is selecting the damage type for armor purposes.  These lines are usually used for killing agents that otherwise
are at 0 hit points.  Now the agent is brought to 0 hit points and weakly attempts to flee, at much reduced speed and with much reduced damage if anything gets in their way.  This because users with game options set to reduce damage to players or others might have issues with this operation, allowing some users crashing and others with a clean operation in the same mod, same battle, same client computer.
    a) unarmed combat handler inside dodge procedure
    b) stealth attacks handler inside dodge procedure
    c)  black bolt, vampiric bolt, flame arrow, acid arrow
    d) acid arrow adds second damage slightly weaker than flame arrow for up-front damage in case damage over time does not take place.

    e)      Mount damage from Warg, spider, unicorn, nightmare special attacks are NOT changed, so this could still be an issue for these users.

    f) cleric NPC timed auto-cast "turn undead" delivers damage through armor with above tweak
        damage, radius takes into account caster alignment and magic defenses of target, so that very powerful enemies can brush this off.

    g) white bolt magic user heal effect takes into consideration both caster align and target align when determining amount of healing conducted from positive energy plane.  Radius of effect is dynamic and mana cost is increased from 20 to 35 as it has greatly increased power, for certain casters... being a fusion of cleric and mage disciplines.

    h) Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Ice Storm explosion scripts have these changes also
    i) corrected some other mismatches at phantasy spell limiter calculating ammunition count remaining incorrectly
    j) temporary block of NPC timer autocast of  dispel magic and haste  (timed_mage_spells)
    k) Flame arrow and Acid arrow initial hit wasn't being passed through spell effects check, fixed
    l)  adjusted items drow lance, shadow morningstar, spiritual chakram

    m) several cleric spells (still) need changes  <---
  checking all magic user spells for lines like above and then checking cleric spells for alignment changes. 

  This template will be added to all spell based heals.  Alignment matters, as might honor in driving true alignment.
Again, evil is distant from positive energy, so heals are less effective but damage output is increased; for good it is opposite.  I'm interested in making a covert channel to shift internal alignment based on actions in game, but it can wait a patch or three.  Also changing spells to look at agent magic power and magic defense instead of troop stats, in preparation for feeblemind and dynamic blessing/curses to impact magic defenses of many agents at once.  This also paves the way for out of combat rituals such as bards or necromancers or calendar events to shift effective stats.

None of this was possible some months ago.

  I see some issue fighting undead  "incorrect skeleton for animation  442"  probably an undead mount <--- fix tomorrow low on time
                                                              no, looks to be my own mount (warg) on Tamar, or maybe a warhorse

  I also didn't put any traps for these "agent runs away" for player character, which probably won't work correctly (or maybe it does)?
  I finally only made changes for NPCs, not player versions of spells (they're two different sets for cleric spells) so only NPCs are changed.
  need to adjust white bolt  found it, fixed
  This is probably better than yesterday's 150h+ but it could use another day. 
It likely fixes fireball crashing, stealth crashing, unarmed issues

Status: in google drive and NexusMods

coming up next:
  probably finish re-tooling player cleric spells tomorrow, also change/setting of player alignment for new multi-class clerics,
      balrogs to no longer resemble cuddly ewoks (whatever that means), maybe some troops changes.



I appreciate all your hard work! Just got a couple questions:
[list type=decimal]
[*]Are these patches save game compatible?
[*]Do I need to download all patches from v150a to v150i or just the latest one?


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ImYourPapi said:
I appreciate all your hard work! Just got a couple questions:
[list type=decimal]
[*]Are these patches save game compatible?
[*]Do I need to download all patches from v150a to v150i or just the latest one?

  Just the last one.  You could get the second from last 150h+, as 150i has an issue with mount and I think double sided lance animation, but it did have fixes for stealth attacks, different magic spells, and more unarmed damage in arena tweak.  So tomorrow after putting the mount issue to rest 150i+ will be the way to go.  Every patch has all of the previous fixes already included.


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zecond said:
1d4? Whats that? I know its a DnD thing but i never got the hang of it so mine elaborating?

Surely off topic ... but ... you asked about what a 1d4 is, sooo ... :razz:

According to legend, the 1d4 (aka "D4") was developed by Gary Grygax, the original author of DnD, as a help to DnD players. The D4 is a perfect pyramid, meaning that no matter how you roll it, there is always a "pointy" side up. Back in the late '70's and in the '80's when DnD players were condemned as "dabbling in demonism" by the "religious right", he increased the use of them so the players would have a handy source of caltrops to scatter behind them as the players fled from the "scythe and pitchfork brigades" organized to root out such evil doers. :facepalm:

If you believe that ... Have I got a deal for you! :fruity:


gsanders said:
  patch v150ihot patch

    "incorrect skeleton for animation  442"  probably an undead mount <--- fix tomorrow low on time
                                                              no, looks to be my own mount (warg) on Tamar, or maybe a warhorse

This exact message using v150i-hot crashed my game during a battle with 12 mounted steppe bandits infesting a village.  There were ~15 horses running around and 100+ total troops, enemy and friendly.


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jwo7 said:
gsanders said:
  patch v150ihot patch

    "incorrect skeleton for animation  442"  probably an undead mount <--- fix tomorrow low on time
                                                              no, looks to be my own mount (warg) on Tamar, or maybe a warhorse

This exact message using v150i-hot crashed my game during a battle with 12 mounted steppe bandits infesting a village.  There were ~15 horses running around and 100+ total troops, enemy and friendly.

  Come back in 7 hours and it will be fixed.  It is already fixed at my desktop but I need to do other things before making the next release.


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patch v150h2hot patch  specifically for maximum stability

  skips changes in 150i_test except for:
  a) unarmed combat handler inside dodge procedure
    b)  stealth attacks handler inside dodge procedure
    c) black bolt, vampiric bolt, flame arrow, acid arrow
    d) acid arrow adds second damage slightly weaker than flame arrow for up-front damage in case damage over time does not take place.
  j) temporary block of NPC timer autocast of  dispel magic and haste  (timed_mage_spells)
  k) Flame arrow and Acid arrow initial hit wasn't being passed through spell effects check, fixed

  1)  skeleton animation error 442    is still an issue for me.  Uncertain if today will have a release after all.
          narrowed this to yesterday's turn undead / make agents run away calls.

  2) found the issue blocking unarmed damage and removed the problem.


Morrowind Mod Man

Sergeant at Arms
Fantastic work, Gsanders. I'm impressed that your unarmed damage buff even raised the damage of kicks. Probably the first time I've seen that done in a mod.


Doing good work, gsanders  :grin:
Ran into an invisible musician/poet in Shariz tavern.  Let me know if you need a screenshot.


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opened v150jhot patch

  Now that a crisis in finding a stable enough base game passed with patch h2, there are still enough fires to work on for this weekend.
  Besides looking for h+ and i changes skipped yesterday that were worth salvaging, there are a number of long term game destroying issues:

1) adjusted "script_game_get_party_companion_limit"  to cap "qualifying" undead party size bonus to 166% of "normal".  You can now throw out a few skeletons and zombies, if over the corrected limit, by popular demand.  I guess Necromancer "so easy its retarded" mode is off now.  You'll still have a long cushion of too large a party size for quite some time, so I doubt anyone is wuss enough to complain, but if so, every other mod never gave you the bonus to begin with, so what's the complaint really?  This balances all other factions dealing with necromancer faction (lich king) to no longer face bloated 1000-thing parties.  ("Man" doesn't apply, although I did redefine skeletons as female for dialog purposes way back in August).  DONE

2) 3-way merge  h2 -> j  <- i
    mission_templates DONE yesterday
    scripts  DONE yesterday

    items  (mainly spells)  DONE  mainly white bolt but dropped the change that caused issue at patch i
        not that I need to help other modders, but the animation 442 error came from the line
      (agent_deliver_damage_to_agent, ":attacker", ":agent", 40, "itm_shadow_morningstar"),
                                                                                              ^^^ here the weapon needs to match the same category as the spell
                                                                                                so darts was accepted but 1 hand was not, so still throwing animation.
      This is important for stealth attacks for example, where the final attack could have been from hand held, throwing, or bow/crossbow.
      As these lines were only used to take agents from 0 hit points to dead agent status, replacing them with something to make agents run away slowly was a compromise to avoid a crash.  I now have to revisit every line this call is used and see if it violates the rule above...

    presentations  (spell book/prayer book)  DONE
    troops                  NO CHANGE
    game_menus        NO CHANGE
    dialogs                  NO CHANGE

3) adjusted unarmed combat for arena/tournaments.  missed 1 line yesterday.
4) a) spiritual chakram weapon is used where magic user needed throwing weapon, as it skips dodge/ironflesh/unarmed procedure check
    b) faith points removal check removed from spiritual chakram and clerics that would have received it as their special weapon get spiritual shuriken instead
    c) Balrog death explosion increased radius and damage by 50%
    d) Cleric Fireball increased damage by 50%
    e) adjust spell point cost for White bolt in description at presentation spell_book
    f) adjust spirit weapon for clerics so that those who would have received spiritual_chakram receive spiritual_shuriken instead
    g) upped ammunition count for spiritual_shuriken from 10 to 12
    h) adjusted in game_menus character creation the description for clerics who would have received spiritual_chakram as their divine weapon

5) setting time of day before missions that I expected was done back at patch 150h+ was only doing it for sieges.
    It turns out I need to also explicitly set time by algorithm for every last mission type, if I want the right lighting during night time.

6)a) added tests for lightning bolt, fireball cast by persons in too heavy armor to fizzle silently instead of CTD when setting minimum random damage
  b) changed "kill" damage type from item simple_ogre_club to item stones in Ice Storm
  c) cleric fireball cast against too heavy magic resist has test to allow reduced damage instead of CTD when setting minimum random damage
  d) acid arrow, poison, and drowning underwater  on timer driven damage perform kill with different syntax.  Concerned this is the crash.
  e) added spell trace info just before performing silent kill of acid arrow timer damage victims.

      I can see better at night for all missions.  I'll loop sieges another 6 times to look for rare crashes next.
    finished:  2/6    this is using    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1s4AKhXraVJv-9qonDZHHIi4_XDVMITy8/view?usp=sharing
                          which has spell trace mode set, if you've never seen it.  It's kind of interesting, and very unique.
  Still some issue in secondary spells not traced...

7) expanded Spell Trace messages to include second line spells: Charm person, Black Bolt, Acid Arrow, Flame Arrow, Darkness, Vampiric Bolt, Cleric Fireball, Hellish Bolt.

8 ) turned off the kill check in the above secondary spells.  Better to have too many 0 hp enemy agents than a CTD.

More tests: 4/5 sieges so far.  Crashed on flame arrow.  Looks like I should restrict secondary spells for the weekend to very safe spells.

9) spell selector for NPC mages skips black bolt, flame arrow, acid arrow for now.
  Shield and charm person have double chance to be selected instead.

test: 5/5 passes so far.  It's possible for the PLAYER to crash from their much wider spell selection, but at least NPC mages won't be the crash.
      Thankfully the siege case forwarded by Hexhaunter has some clerics and mages on both sides as well for deeper testing...


  NexusMods accepted the huge archive and  the patch yet.
  Both are at my google drive also.  The NexusMods full archive unzips and runs nicely.



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opened patch v150khot patch

1)a)  Gauntlets of Ogre Power fixed as Guspav originally intended.  He had a small typo at simple_trigger 125.
    Some other time I might also re-enable at dialogs so the 4-way inn sells it.

  b)  simple_trigger 131  added exemptions to skins alignment clashes for player orc, drow, elf, dwarf skins
          which should help certain streaming personalities with their games in progress.

  c) simple_trigger 165  unconditionally sets  "$turn_undead_used"  to 0  so can re-use the spell each half hour.  This should be just long enough to block VMP's technique of leaving and re-entering battles to exploit faith regen.  This then next re-arms Paladin and cleric turn/destroy undead spell and allows lay hands, which is tied to the same global.  Use of lay hands or turn undead still blocks the other from being used.  NPC paladins (female mounted Blazing Hand troops, and some male Blazing Hand "Crusaders") already have unlimited destroy undead checks as do clerics, 1 in 3 chance on a 43 second timer. The player paladin version does more damage and thus needs added limits.

2) a) set a "deactivate regeneration aura" effect for Paladins. Before it showed the tool tip but no matching effect; instead, the regen aura was silently disabled whenever any other aura was selected, but again the tooltip was not updated.

    b) added another check to be certain paladin prayer books don't show a "harm" spell.
    c) player_turn_undead_refresh  timer is reduced to 87 instead of 117 seconds, allowing slightly faster refresh of the ability
    d) unlocked timed_mage_spells allowing the experimental return of dispel magic and haste to magic users, but with 41 not 21 second timers.

    e) NPC mage haste is now 150% base movement speed not 200%
              mage haste also sets 150% reload speed modifier not 200% now.
        player mage haste as above; was blindly setting 200% without even looking at encumbrance.

    f) radius of effect for player 1 time per encounter "turn undead" is now 3 meters per faith skill instead of 2
    g) Balrog given a modified player cleric "Fire Storm" for use by timer; 50% chance each 21 seconds to proc.

          I'll add a feeblemind that specifically targets the best caster on the enemy side at a later update, at the same time as I make any Balrogs in player's party auto-break free and join enemy, so don't expect to make Balrogs part of your showcase for very long.

But for now the fire storm is step 1 to end the ewok feel for some demons in this mod.  At yet some further point balrogs will begin gating / summoning more balrogs, and might come from a high level spell misfire.  That should make magic a little less OP and more interesting.

  h) white bolt set to point blank area effect with no throwing component or missile ammunition setting.  Instead it goes off immediately on clicking at the spell book, which will be a slight nuisance in battle so practice opening those spell books quickly with the B key and know what the symbol looks like BEFORE being surrounded by 1000 unfriendly skeletons etc.  It should work from horseback, which helps.

3) Dwarf skin  dwarf_male_grunt_long  sound no longer 50% of the time plays "hurry up and die already", per Reformist request.
      You can thank him sometime.

4) considering how much money drops with the currently broken/unworked on tournaments, I may as well set the camp cheat give yourself cash amount to 250 from 50.  It's still down from the earlier 400.  I suppose I should just get used to every second player stuffing their gills with more bling than pimps on East 14th Street.

5)a) experimental adjust of maximum defender reinforcement waves from 2 to 8 to check effect on the extremely large troop numbers for Delthersam empire lords and sieges  at  mt_lead_charge

  b) changed "script_calculate_battle_advantage"  to now check for undead and clerics and adjust the battle advantage values
    so as to not present tiny party on one side due to battle advantage numbers.  This should allow much less one sided battles when a small but tough group meets a huge undead army.

    c) created script_phantasy_count_undead_in_party    and script_phantasy_cleric_strength_count  to take the above measurements

    d) "dplmc_party_calculate_strength_in_terrain" improperly calculated cleric help at autocalc. Set to 5/3  and mages to 2
            mages were 3/2  and clerics improperly 4/5. This found because this script is a template for how to do the two scripts above.

  Diplomacy War and Peace.  no time today for this goal.
Just had a perfectly fine 180 vs 546 battle Tamar sg06 vs a Delthersam lord; Blazing Hand won but with 30 dead and 50 wounded.
Looks like I still need to work on white bolt, maybe the range is exactly 1/100th what it should be.  Otherwise it looked like my changes were working.  Haven't tested gauntlets of ogre power but should work now.

  Set version displayed as  k0  thats "k zero".  Tomorrow will be k 1
  I'll put it here (and not Moddb or Nexusmods) as a reward for bothering to read this thread, until tomorrow.
  Since it's "experimental".



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It's been pointed out to me that Guspav MIGHT have stashed 5 months of updates in the cloud drive he first shared with me and all this time I just ASSUMED nothing new was there.  If so I have an epic merge tomorrow and a party afterwards.  (And maybe a feast of crows to consume).

EDIT:  no, I found the link he sent me August 1st to see if even 1 file was fresher.  Last source change June 8 2017.
  It was a good hope while it lasted.  I would have loved to merge something, anything new.
  There's always tomorrow.  It's another day.

EDIT 2:  Guspav wrote me!!!!!!!!!!
    He is indeed alive and watching the mod.  We'll be collaborating sooner or later.  I'm not sure he's actually seen the mod currently, and he might not know I released it  err um without really having the Godfather's blessing, but you know it was CHRISTMAS.  He mostly asked me to make it stable and feels it isn't stable enough, which I'd agree the 150b had many flaws that 150j closed.  I think we're collectively moving on and its getting better pretty darn quick.


Wow my favorite mod gets an update and I wasn't aware!

You are both awesome, him for allowing you to continue this.
And you for putting all the time in!

The only thing I wanted extra after playing this is more of it lol. More end game parties that stay neutral (so they don't die off) and the player can hunt them down for boss fights! But that is just a small thing in an incredible mod, thanks for the amazing work you've done.
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