SP - General Cunning Attribute: Can it be improved?

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Of all the skills, Cunning is the least useful for the hero character. Scouting has some decent leader only perk effects, but most of the good stuff is Scout so a companion can handle it. There are decent scouting companions available so it's not a big deal. And scouting levels pretty fast on companions.

Tactics can be useful but if you fight most of your big battles, it's not really needed.

Roguery is probably THE WORST of all skills. The perks are not really great overall and the main effect of extra loot is nothing great either. It's also pretty hard to level without some exploitee prison breaks.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for how to make this more attractive?

For Roguery specifically, it would be cool if it at least affected bandit troops skills. Something like +0.1 to Control, Vigour and Endurance for each point in Roguery for all bandit units. At 300 Roguers, that's +30 for each skill. Not game breaking. Also some of the perks should be better.

Scouting is already decent enough I feel so I don't have any ideas.

What can be done for tactics to improve it?
No real suggestion for this unfortunatly. But... Ofc I have allways dreamt of a bandit game-play where Curring would be essential(Like Social is for noble gameplay!!)

I think perks overall should be more general. Allways do _something_(IE have a "Clan leader", a "Party Leader" and a "Governor" effect.) "Personal", "Captain" and party-role based effects are a bonus/complement to this.

Also the "Attribute"- score and the "Skill"-score should be more usefull with static effects.

See this for some inspiration, touching the subject but for trade.
Tradeskill & Experience gain
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