Your experience with crashes to desktop in Perisno 0.9:

  • Never happened so far.

    Votes: 34 30.4%
  • Happened once during several hours of gameplay.

    Votes: 24 21.4%
  • Happened several times already.

    Votes: 30 26.8%
  • Happens every 5th-10th battle.

    Votes: 15 13.4%
  • Happens almost every battle or town visit, can't play.

    Votes: 9 8.0%

  • Total voters

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can u add me at discord plez? because i dont know how this website work  if u can 
because i have alot of problems and i did most of things u did say at this


I get CTD's and out of video memory messages even outside of battles, despite having 8gb of Vram. (the game only utilizes 2) Any ideas?


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Another observation made with the help from a player: reducing texture_detail helps against ctds even when "load textures on demand" is disabled.
In tests 33% were used.

P.S. Attempts to lower a bunch of other graphics settings instead didn't have the same effect.


Hi all,

I think a similar problem has been reported by one user earlier. I have the same problem:

- after a battle I get an error message abt end battle simulation or something. I can`t read whole message as it fades too fast. I`m closer to 70 than 60... I can continue playing until saving. Then I cannot load save, it CTD:s. This happens, ofc,  after I miraculously won  a battle I had no" right" to win.

So for me Perisno  is unplayable as of now. I have no problems playing PoP and TLD though I only use onboard Intel graphics. WIN7 64bit, 8 GB ram.

Rgds, Oldtimer


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Oldtimer said:
- after a battle I get an error message abt end battle simulation or something.
1) Which version (Perisno and Warband)?
2) After receiving the message please check game log (key "L") and give me the exact screenshot of the message.

Oldtimer said:
I`m closer to 70 than 60...
...of what?

Oldtimer said:
I have no problems playing PoP and TLD though I only use onboard Intel graphics. WIN7 64bit, 8 GB ram.
PoP and especially TLD both have awesome optimization in graphics department, they can be played on toasters. Perisno is far from that, both because we have much more items and because the meshes have more polygons.



1. WB 1.173, Perisno 0.9.01 without Jan. 01 HF. You may have to wait for quite some time for the screenshot as this issue does not happen very often. 3-4 times by now and way into a playthrough. Besides I will update with the latest HF so perhaps this problem will be gone.

- of what you ask... You have three guesses, I`m feeling generous atm.

Rgds, Oldtimer



didn`t see that HF 1 is for Perisno 0.99.

Installed it and will see if the issue persist.

THANK you dear devs for your dedication to keep Perisno alive.

Rgds, Oldtimer


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well, I modified the rgl_config file according to the one you posted and it did not help, unfortunately I got a CTD the second battle I played after applying the changes. I wonder if it's a driver issue, I have a gtx 970 with up-to-date driver. Anyone else having CTDs using a nvidea card with the current driver? In any case, I'm giving up playing the mod for now, it's just too frustrating those frequent CTDs in the middle of combat.
I have the same card, I just updated the drivers and I never had CTD, not now not before.
I never touched any file.

I am sorry I cannot help further,my expertise stops here:smile:

@Leonion, do you still need my RGL file (as I never crash)? If so I can post it later from home...


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Nah, thanks.
Even because I just started crashing, It started after a Win 10 and NVidia update....I have some homeworks to do I guess:sad:

EDIT: for the record, and the reader, the "Vsync" fix seems to have done the trick, 6 hours straight and no crashes yet:smile:
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