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Hello !
I have encountered a strange bug while playing

You can recruit troops from any tatar city without any problem but Bakhtchissaraï is bugged.
When you click on troop in the list they don't desappear from the list and you can go on and on like this for ever.
When you go back these red lines appear (see screenshot). Finally, once this happenned the player become the owner of the city, is now paying for the wages of the soldiers trainer of the city and of course can collect the rent.


Anyway, I really love your work !

Edit : It seems only turkish style troops (janisary, azap, jebelu) are causing this bugg. It just occured once again in an other city. Same consequences
When player defeated there is no message that battle was lost and player need to press tab to exit, auto close after 60 seconds.  :oops:
Vetrogor said:
When player defeated there is no message that battle was lost and player need to press tab to exit, auto close after 60 seconds.  :oops:
It's probably from the battle continuation mod.

Thanks, I will see this when I have time (not soon). Until then, IIRC you don't get the extra troops when you order more times so you shouldn't.
Jesus christ i got this mod years ago, I didn't think csatadi would still be around xD

Keep up the good work!
Thank you, Csatádi, for your great work. Your mod is the one that keeps me returning to "With Fire and Sword".

There is one issue however that really annoys me ever since I first got the game, and I wonder whether you know any remedy. That issue is one-handed melee thrusting weapons. They do piercing damage and they are quite fast but they really perform badly in my opinion.

One reason is the +damage speed modifier. With swings, that modifier is easy to get. With thrusting swords, I can hardly ever get a good speed modifier, often, it even is a negative modifier (i.e. -17% to damage). Maybe it's me, but I definitely feel that running at a target and then stabbing should give you good momentum and a good modifier, which rarely it seems to do.

The second and most important reason is the minimum range required to thrust. Unlike swings, which can be launched from (almost) any distance, thrusts require a considerable distance from the enemy. I have so often seen musketeers or Lifeguards desperately trying to poke at their opponent, but never getting off a single thrust, because their enemy was too close to them. In sieges, thrusting swords are almost useless. Which is a pity because I like them aesthetically, and because lots of troops bring them.

I wish thrusting sword mechanics could be improved. Historically, thrusting swords rapidly began replacing slashing weapons from ~the middle of the 16th century onwards, in western European armies at least. I assume one of the reasons was that they performed well. They do not in WFaS. Do you know of any way to eliminate the minimum range for thrusting swords?

Maybe that's why developers gave very high damage rating for thrusting swords. Anyway I have no idea where to search thrusting distance in the code, sorry.
Why did you remove Janissaries and the circassian-like chainmail with straps from Seymen, replacing it with a, well, less interesting version without the straps, making most mailed infantry of the Crimeans look samey.

I kind of get removing plated swordsmen but you really did make some dubious choices that hurt the aesthetic and variety of the mod in some places.

Anyway, the renown from battles gained is really small no matter what. I get no renown from a massive battle of circa 400 vs 400 men where my contributions are high (say I have 150 men), I get anywhere between 3 and 5 renown.

Currently it is better to fight more smaller battles for the same, pitiful renown. I can't recall if I ever got 10, let alone like 30 or so renown from a decisive battle, and you really need to grind it up for some of the story quests. Getting virtually no renown from important battles is not fun.

EDIT: Okay, Janissaries are thankfully in the game, only some nobles seem to recruit them and not others, which is fine by me. My bad.
I'm quite interested in your sources about Seymen because our sources never depict Turkish or Turkish styled musketeers with apostles.

I never touched renown regardless what you believe. FYI you get more renown when the enemy is outnumbered.
Well, that is one argument, and I assume its valid. I actually assumed that out of memory the "straps" in the game were exactly that, and not bandoliers, like
, although this is at least a 150 later depiction of a circassian, i do not mean it as a reference.

Nevertheless, I think this should also be looked at from a video game variety perspective. Currently Seymen and Circassians look more similiar than ever, essentially the same, with only the tunic underneath the chainmail being a different color. That bandolier was exactly what made them stand out and gave them identity as a distinguishable cultural unit.
While you may be right that the Seymen did not use bandoliers at the time, they also might have. Its not like the item is anachronistic for the period. It is most certainly not. In favor of flavour, I would have kept them.

Again, by that same logic, other units should be omitted as well, and that would undoubtedly hurt the mod. As I have said before, the wondrously made heavy cuirassiers that you have in your forum banner.. I am actually really interested in hearing about their last recorded usage in Europe at all. I've done my research before and for a long while the last recorded usage of full armor (three quarters) was in somewhat early English Civil War during 1640's, namely two regiments of horse raised by Arthur Haselrig, which is not to say they weren't used elsewhere or later, but the sources are silent. I've read about one instance of them being used much, much later, well into 18th century by Spain, but that was not exactly a source nor was it well detailed. (If anyone could actually shed some light on this, I'd be very interested)

Lest I digress further, the instance of the inaccuracy in the mod is that, while its not impossible, to my knowledge Sweden did not field a regiment of fully armored horsemen during this period, not even a royal one. One source that I've read says that even as far back as TYW the Swedes were "fearing the German cuirassiers". That said, it is not entirely impossible that they did, and even so, you should not remove them.

The same can be said for the lack of hats on Swedish noblemen, that they did wear in the thick of battle (some had armored caps underneath), Polish cavalrymen (forgot the troop name) now wearing the white full armor that the Swedish Cuirassier did back in the vanilla game, Swedish pike militia wearing the tunics fitting for a medieval peasant instead of some sort of semi uniformed justacorps, and a few other instances.

What I'm saying is, you allowed yourself some liberties where you thought the end result would look better with a slight compromise, and in some instances you were right, where things were added. Most of them I like, some I dislike (the removals of things, mostly) and some I understand. Still, when there's a choice of two generic tunics or one visually more rich alternative, I would go with the visually richer one if it doesn't stray too much from historicity, and I don't think a bandolier is a cardinal sin of any kind here. :smile:

Anyway, I'd like to report a very unfortunate, soul crushing glitch that I have been encountering in this mod as well as another WFAS mod, English Civil War. The troops refuse to fire at certain distances and in certain formations, even when nothing is obstructing their view. It happens no matter the formation, but especially when I order them to re-align into 5 rows, not a single bullet comes out. A few do come out in single formations but it is nowhere near acceptable.

Here are some screenshots for reference:


Cuirassiers in 3/4 armor were maybe weren't used but sources are scarce from our period so who knows? For example historians don't know the exact type of swords the Swedish used during the Deluge. I wasn't able to pick which type of cuirass they used either as museum pieces are vaguely dated. I think a very few heavy cuirassiers only in the king's army won't do any harm and I'm not sure where did you see that much of them in the mod. Not on my banner but in the mod.

German cuirassiers were better because they used big horses and they made their charge mightier. This is showed in the mod, German cuirassiers have big horses.

Swedish hats on generals: they didn't fought personally on the battlefield so they didn't need helmets in real life. They would be easy targets with hats only in the mod. And no, I don't want to give them hats which has 60 armor either.

Probably you don't know what garments the Baltic peasants wore in the 17th century. There are drawings available I didn't need guessing. They wore what you see in the mod.

Sorry hearing about the formations. I never modded the AI so if anyone can correct it, please let me know and I would include the fix in the mod. With credit, of course.

swedish gov issue sword used then was the "Schwedendegen". Neapolitan lancers of TYW fame  used often full plate well into the second half of XVII-th century. They were often called by contemporaries cuirassiers, not lancers.

Rgds, Oldtimer
Oldtimer said:
swedish gov issue sword used then was the "Schwedendegen". Neapolitan lancers of TYW fame  used often full plate well into the second half of XVII-th century. They were often called by contemporaries cuirassiers, not lancers.
Thanks but Schwedendegen from Digitaltmuseum are dated to 1680 or later. Could you give me sources?
What Neapolitans used has nothing to do with Sweden, sorry, and the TYW period is over. Maybe the difference is just 7 years but military books about the TYW tend to focus on the early and middle period and rarely about the end. There were changes during the years.
I'd like to report a few minor issues and suggestions.

Firstly, the uniform that you can give swedish mercenary pikemen has bandoliers:

Secondly, the first ever item that you can give the Swedish pikemen (before a simple morion) is an eastern european cap item, which is terribly out of place where it is. You should be able to give them at least one type of hat.

The third issue is that in the Radziwill rebellion, all city troops seem to be of Russian culture in all towns held by the commonwealth rebels.

The fourth issue may be one that arose dynamically for me, but may be one to be looked into: It is far too easy to persuade lords into joining the player's rebellion. I persuaded 3/4 of the Polish lords to join me now, and one quarter of these I had managed to persuade with only 1 point in Persuasion and 11 charisma. Poland was at war on three fronts and they have lost Warsaw, Smolensk and Mogilev, so that may be part of the reason why. I guess its just something that should be looked into.

And I don't know if I ever reported this one, but this:



I also noticed another thing. I don't know if you're aware, but WFAS uses several new possible weathers that include lightning. One is rain, and one is a yellowy filter that I am both quite fond of. There may even be more, but they are so rare that its hard to be sure. Although the weather was rare, I would notice it with regular frequency in vanilla, but in your mod, twice, once in a battle and once during dialogue. Did you do anything to change how the weather works?
I just started a new game with your mod.
Awesome so far.
I have one problem though.
First village with thethree quests.
The village lord is missing. Any lord asked says they don't know where he is.
Is there a way to fix this?
Thank you.
Please forgive any noobness on my part. It's been awhile since I've played.

I guess this answers my question. Just odd that he's missing in the first week of my game...

"If you don't find a lord, lost companion or ruler wait some weeks (1-5, sometimes far longer) and they will respawn. During this time lords tell you they don't know the location of that lord."
Ok. Another question.

Is there anyway to fix/get rid of the tiny battlefield?
Every few battles. I get a battlefield. That is just a narrow long strip. Bugged crazy enough. That is a game breaker for me...
IronHeart777 said:
Ok. Another question.

Is there anyway to fix/get rid of the tiny battlefield?
Every few battles. I get a battlefield. That is just a narrow long strip. Bugged crazy enough. That is a game breaker for me...
Because you didn't download the bugfixer.

The Polish lord doesn't appear because of a side effect. When I will have time I'll correct this.
I have a strange problem with this mod. I downloaded it, but wanted to change town and npc names. I did it as usual - in parties.txt. and troops.txt. Changes saved, but in game when I load the mod and start a new game - there are still original names. Then I used Morghs editor - but it shows that names are changed, yet in game I still have old ones. There's literally no file I know from which game could "take" old names - and yet they are still present when I start new game. How is that possible? Do I have to delete something to force game to regenerate names from the new, edited file or what?

EDIT- I've found the solution.
You will find some files in the language folder, inside the en(from English) or any other language you use. Those files are named, for example factions or items or troops etc. What they are, basically, is csv copies of the text files you edited, used for translating the game to whatever language. Generally, I tend to delete those csv files that have the same name as the files(module or text, but I won't confuse you further) I use.

Just be sure of what you doing. 
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