SP Musket Era Csatádi's Visual and Historical Mod

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I don't really understand you. Anyway if I ever add cannons they will be only scene props. However I won't mod until I play the game again. Maybe at the end of this year or even later.
I don't remember why I un installer WFAS but when I reinstalled it I remembered one thing : I couldn't play it without your mod anymore

I enjoy your work ! Thanks for this !
Fantastic mod! The game with "Csatadi mod" looks like addon to WFaS!
Some question to author: could you include a blunderbuss to this mod? For dragoons and light cavalry it would be nice)
What about update to this mod? Maybe, create some new NPC? For example, Scottish or Irish mercenary (Broadsword, Kilt, deadly celtic accent) ?
Csatádi said:
-Guns cannot parry or used in melee because the AI uses it wrongly parrying a lot when there is no enemy around. Maybe the AI behaves the same but parrying with swords and shields look less comic.
Um, is there some way to make this optional? I really like everything else about this mod, but this is a deal breaker!
Hi there ! I went back playing F&S always in your mod. But I have one problem that kills the game at some point. I think it was the same in vanila but maybe here it's a bit worse : Once I have eliminated a faction as a marsal and my faction is now more powerful , almost no one  follows me in campaign or just one vassal at a time .
  So I'm there all alone trying to do everything while everyone else is "busy". It's game breaking to fight all alone marshaled armies again and again. I'm supposed to be famous and renamed and in good relations with everyone.

Is there anything you could do about the  abnormal marshal inefficiency? Thanks in advance.
Not really, I remember becoming a Tzar in Native through the Russian storyline, with just Russia, Sweden and the Crimean Khanate left and I rallied most of the Russian vassals to me. I should probably continue that campaign...
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