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What is this mod about?

It contains a lot of bugfixes (scene, script, model, siege), new items, units, scripts, balancing, visual improvements and historical additions.
You cannot found your own kingdom (only became ruler during the story), or have fantasy elements.


-You may press tab to exit the tutorial.
-If you start with Power Draw of 3 you will get bow and arrows after tutorial.
-Custom face. You may import and use a new male and female face for your character (or for anyone else using edit mode). You should replace these textures: manface_custom.dds and/or womanface_custom.dds, and the old (= aged) textures. Currently there is a green eyed face in this slot for a slight difference. (This requires very basic knowledge about the file structure of the game.)
-If you became the Russian tsar, you may buy the Monomakh's Cap using 'find item' cheat menu.

Some basic suggestions not specially to the mod but to the game in general:
-This game is not Warband, things work differently. Especially, do not found a new kingdom. Check the manual or the wiki pages what this game is about.
-Recruiting. You may hire soldiers in the town centers of cities and castles after you joined a faction. Until then mercenaries from inns, mercenary posts and freed prisoners. Mercenaries are expensive and less skilled so I suggest freeing prisoners at first. It doesn't worth to hire peasants at all, they are very weak. After joining a faction you can hire soldiers in town centers if they have a commander.
-If you don't find a lord, lost companion or ruler wait some weeks (1-5, sometimes far longer) and they will respawn. During this time lords tell you they don't know the location of that lord.
-You shouldn't capture any settlement until you get a quest to do so because you may destroy your storyline.
Taking back captured settlements must be safe except the AI got them due a script. This case is very obvious, it was for me at least. I think this is important only until you get quests like conquering certain nations.
-How to join a faction/start a storyline? Make quests for nobles or the ruler, especially for a choosen one. After a while he will offer you to join as a mercenary.
-Black Mace quest bug warning: keep a saved game before supporting Radziwill! You have to conquer Kiev before the rebellion ends otherwise the questline code will stop. A script gives it to Poland but you must hurry because other nations may conquer it! Radziwill is in his settlement you gave him even if you don't see him on the troop list. So you can get your reward. I suppose after you spoke with the mayor you may win the rebellion. You will understand my sentences when you advance to the appropriate steps in the storyline. This is a vanilla feature so please don't complain in the mod thread. Another walkthrough is here.
-Official WFAS Storyline walkthrough - not mod related.

Major Features
(new things first)

-Officers. Infantry and cavalry officers automatically generated for the lords' armies.
-New units: Russian Dragoons, Cossack Dragoons, Tatar Kapikulu (the real kapikulu, musketeers),
-Swedish Cuirass Spearmen removed because there weren't such troops in reality.
-Book names suit better to the period and some new book textures.
-Custom face. You may use your own face texture and put it in the game. You should replace these textures: manface_custom.dds and/or womanface_custom.dds, and the old textures. Currently there is a green eyed face in this slot for a slight difference. Tattoos, scars, freckles, or just a different face, it's up to you. (This requires very basic knowledge about the file structure of the game.)
-Windmills on the strat map made by NPC99
-Nitpicking small details you wouldn't even recognize. For example the Polish king got western styled guards in his castle but other nobles don't. Western styled town houses removed from Kiev and Chernigov, etc.
-Map changes: castles fit more to the reality at least their impression. Novgorod became a city and Cherkassk is a castle now.
-New village scene
-Bugfixes and immersion improvements.

New items
-Black hussar armor
-Polish Dragoon uniform.
-Swedish buffcoat with cuirass.
-Reworked uniforms for western infantry, both musketeers and pikemen. They got hongreline, the precursor of justacorps.
-Scots units converted from highland to lowland Scots. They got new look with less plaid.
-Bandolet: a light carbine
-Melee weapons: Partisan, Scots Broadsword, Turkish styled Koncerz (estoc) and Palash (Broadsword) for variety.
-New tatar armor set.
-Tatar female clothes.

-Completely revised firearm system based on their real performance
-The map is set at the very beginning of all the wars started in 1650s. This is the time the native story aims - Russians wanted back Smolensk. Sienkiewicz lived under Russian rule thus avoiding censorship he skipped the Russian attack in his work. May 28th, 1654 - the start of the Russian military campaign (and their Cossack allies) against Poland-Lithuania formally leaded by the tsar himself ("Gosudarev pokhod"). Soon the Swedish kingdom concerned about the Russian advance in Lithuania, allied to Brandenburg-Prussia and launched their aggression starting the Polish time of troubles known as "the Deluge".
-Fewer elite heavy cavalry for the player - major balancing, you may hire 1 instead of 3 in every castle/city. It fits better both to the historical feeling and increases the challenge a bit.
-4 new companions with dialogs. Some rewritten relations.
-New armors, helmets, weapons, clothing, boots, beards, hairs, etc. and bugfixes for existing ones.
-17 new or retextured horses. Arabian horses from warband. Buying horses at the special merchants does worth now and they offer more types.
-Nationalized items. You can buy Swedish items only in Sweden etc. There are a few exceptions but not much.
-163 new banners.
-Siege bugfixes
-12 new castles/cities and many villages. New and changed settlement names are implemented in most of the language packs.
-2 lords added for every faction
-New troops: Vlach and Dutch mercenaries, Finnish Hakkapeliitta cavalry, Hungarian hussars, Petyhorcy (Lithuanian Mailed Horsemen)
-Historical lords, faces for them and for rulers (see pictures in the forum) and they got better equipment.
-Choosing a nationality at the beginning. It affects your clothing and food.
-If you start with power draw of 3 you will get bow and arrows after the tutorial.
-Many cheat codes
-Battle continuation after death
-Custom commander: you may play a companion in battles
-Grenade damage bugfix (increase)
-Lance breaking: hussar lances transform to sabers after the first blow. Hussars were useless in close combat with those huge lances.
-Faction colors resembles to the real standards of the countries.
-New map icons (tatar raiders, deserters, caravan, 2 new settlement icons).
-The map icon of settlements are now similar to the wall type on the battlefield. It was disturbing to see a stone fort on the map and meet a wooden pallisade in the siege. They might need different tactics etc so I find this better.
-Player icon changes when you become a lord and fits to your country.
-New scene borders
-Economy changes: For example I limited olives where they were actually produced, put salt resource to Cracow to represent the famous Polish salt mines, and limit the date fruits to Crimean cities. Date was produced in far Southern lands but it may appear in the Crimea by trade. And made Reval a mediocre velvet resource. European velvet production was important and Brugge was the most important source for Northern Europe. Removed grape production of Vilna because grape can be produced only on a small southern part of the map and not at all so far north.
-Some maintenance costs reduced, villages provide less money while castles produce more.
-Economy info events can be turned off
-Item rebalances, for example the special handmade things are better than the ordinary ones. Single-barreled guns are a little bit better than double-barreled ones. There are now good sabers. Horses are expensive - as in reality.
-Guns cannot parry or used in melee because the AI uses it wrongly parrying a lot when there is no enemy around. When they do the same with sabers it doesn't look so comic. Homemade guns still can parry because this thing appear only in sieges.
-Reiter-type soldiers have only 3 bullets for their firearms because they should use their swords more than pistols. These type of bullets are available in shops. I use them for my companions, too, because I guess they kill more with melee weapons.


How to install?
Unzip and copy the 'Csatadi_mod' folder (with its contents) in the 'Modules' folder.
Select Csatadi mod in the loader menu when you want to play the mod.
WFAS 1.43 is required.
It's not savegame compatible with previous versions.
The changed dialogs, items, troops etc appear in English in every language pack. (You may contribute to make translations.)
If you want to play using a non native language pack, you'll find extra language files in the 'Csatadi mod' folder with a readme.


Csatádi - everything except things below
Prince de Radzivil - historical advices, pictures, ideas and most of flag textures.

SendMeSmile - new scripts and implementing OSP scripts.
NPC99 - Windmill, officer script
Vercynogetorix - historical info
Gaunt & Peteo - lance breaking and transforming
MadVader & kt0 - Deathcam
Adorno - Wooden Props LSP
rubik - Custom Commander
Somebody & rubik - Banner script
Wanderer949 and Saregona - horse textures (Used as a base.)
Paulgrrr - help with script installation and ideas
General Andy - musket sounds
dejawolf - Weimar helmet to
Maxim Suvorov - help
Shredder - Goldened black armor texture
Heilmittel - Chinese translation

Thank you for
OpenBRF to Marco Tarini (mtarini) and his numerous contributors
WB/WFAS Editor to Michael Rietbrock (Morgh)



Hongreline uniforms for Swedish, German and Dutch troops. This is the precursor of justacorps.

Hongreline on pikemen

Scots musketeers

New map icons
Player, deserter, Tatar raider, merchant, Tatar lord.

Feathered helmet, banded noble armor.

This picture isn't very fancy but the recolored armor can be worn now with white helmets without much color difference.

New hair and moustaches

Noble hussar armor

Swedish noble armor

Painted horse, single winged hussar armor

Hungarian hussar armor, helmet, shield

Tatars used wings, too! These wings are shorter so they don't hinder the sight.

Eastern European Broadsword (Pallos, Palash etc)

Cossack Lords have Cossack icon and you can see some of the new banners.

New settlement icons:


Companion relations if you are extremely curious:

Some of the new faces

His face resembles better to this painting. He preferred western clothing and armor.




He's just 26 years old in 1655.


I wanted to reflect he is 60 years old in 1655.


wasn't so cute at all :smile:

Many lords also got a new face or equipment like him:

The new companions:
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Recruitademt said:
Oh, no. The real Swedish lords actually weared hats :sad:
If you observe it they weared mostly wigs and not hats.
Hats could be resolved, too however in reality they didn't fought while in M&B they are in the first line.

Technical note:
If you use my files the modified companions will appear only in a new game.
I think I have found what to do with Fatima's throwing daggers.
I will change them to jarids. A bodyguard with jarids cannot be underestimated and as I see jarids were still popular in the Turkish culture.
What do you think?
New faces to the tsar and Hmelnitsky.
Fancy hat for Oksana.  :lol:
Fatima with jarids.
Halberd is more dangerous with 36 cutting damage.
And little changes.
I played a bit with the editors and made a new companion with conversations. I edited certain existing characters to make more interactions.
When you see this guy in taverns, you find him:

This pack also contains all of the modified companions I made earlier and some new details.

Put the files in Ogniem i Miezcem in order to work.
However I think it is better to make a new folder in Modules and put there the content of Ogniem i Miezcem. Than overwrite those with my files. This way your original game is still present and you avoid confusions.
In any cases the new companion will appear only in new games.
The new dialog entries may cause problems in non-English versions.

New face:
Queen Kristina




When I see Sarabun I always tought he is a Tatar from his hair style and name. This might be true but with this hat I want to give him a more "European" look because he tells his home is Kiev and it was inhabited by Ukrainians. (Anyway I know Crimean Tatars live in Europe, too.)
Nice work. But maybe you should give it a version number and put the download link in the first post - almost missed it here. :wink:
Love all the changes you made, except for some reason I liked Fatima's original face.  That's a minor quibble, though.  Still, just to get a hat that doesn't make Fatima look like a severe tool is worth it!

Thanks for all your hard work!
I'm finished the scene bugfixer. This pack contains:
-20 village replacements (all the Swedish and some Polish ones)
-Allenstein siege bugfix, both ladders and exploded walls.
-Sich impaled horses minor fix
-Corrected Turkish shields, they are now in the right angle.
This pack also contains the 17th companion, item balances and companion refinements.
If you downloaded the previous pack with the 17th companion you may overwrite those files with this pack.
The new refinements work only in a new campaign but the scenes

Edit: see the first post for links

Save your files and put the files in Ogniem i Mieczem in order to work.

However I think it is better to make a new folder in Modules and put there the content of Ogniem i Mieczem. Than overwrite those with my files. This is very simple process and your original game will be still present.
The new dialog entries may cause problems in non-English versions. Try it, maybe they work.


Tastes are different. Do you mean Fatima should have a different hat? If yes, suggest something with item number and picture.

It's not work just some experiments with M&B features. It's fun for me.  :grin:
Csatádi said:
Tastes are different. Do you mean Fatima should have a different hat? If yes, suggest something with item number and picture.

It's not work just some experiments with M&B features. It's fun for me.  :grin:

No, I meant I liked her original facial features better.  I love the hat!  That hat you gave her is the only one that doesn't make her look ridiculous!  If I didn't suck at modding, I could tweak the stats of that hat and never take it off her!
Those who downloaded this little mod, you find a file, oim_shields2.brf in CommonRes folder. This file has to be in 'Mount&Blade With Fire and Sword\CommonRes' in order to work.
It should also be possible to put it into Modules/???/Resources and change the respective line in module.ini to load_mod_resource oim_shields2.brf. Didn't test it, though.

Great work - once again! I especially like the village fixes!
Thanks. After some search the module.ini is the file to edit. And it works now.


Something was wrong with Karlsson's face but I didn't know what. Finally I figured out. He had a very dark face. So this is the new candidate:

Just a little thing but the colorful tail of the horse of the player rider annoyed me a lot. Thus I made it to look natural.

If you want it I may upload the files.
Here you are a new version of my mod. The most obvious thing are the Hungarian Hussar mercenaries. It contains some important bugfixes and some new faces.

Maybe I will put 2 more companions in the mod: a Finnish and a Cossack. These factions have only 2 regular companions while the rest of the factions have more. The Finnish guy is considered to be part of the Swedish group.

Hungarian Hussars:



Very nice, I'll check it out immediately... been using this mod as my main WFaS mod for a while now (with my personal take on firearms stats), and it's a great mod that seems to get overlooked a bit on these boards and doesn't receive the praise it should.

Are there any major item changes beyond the new additions that I would need to integrate with my changed firearm stats?

More companions would be welcome, so that there can be more variety in building an effective party, a marksman/scout without the moral qualms of Fedot would be particularly useful, and in terms of items, I'd be immensely grateful for a version of the Hussar armour with skin without the wings, so it's usable in 3rd person.

Now, to integrate Hungarian Hussar mercenaries into my current "footslogging infantry company commander" project... :wink:
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