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I looked through & took stuff for GoTRP.
Really, this OSP pack is just awesome.
You made great work! The textures & models are very high quality in my opinion.
Everything is top, almost everything seems right. There are just a few things that I don't know if it is on my end or not, but here it goes: - The few armors meant for faction leaders like "armor_king_Jerusalem" have transparent parts on it; - the shields meant for knights, the hand goes through it in a very noticeable way especially when on horse unless having a lance in the other hand (I guess with CWE animations this wouldn't happen); - the mail coif let's the chin goes through it, although this might have to do with the faces I'm using. Again don't know if this is on my end or not, just to let you know. Either than this everything seems perfect until now.


Soooo, it's not in my immediate plans to make a medieval mod, but I want to thank you for the gesture of making your stuff OSP. I will certainly use some in my Native module, as they are very high quality. So, thanks!  :smile:
Someone can explain me how to get full waterbumps?
I only have around ~15 frames instead of 50.

And I can't get the waterbump frames defined texture from CommonRes into my module  :???:


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I tried the water shader too, it sort of cuts off and repeats every few seconds.
Anyone solved that?


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MithrellaS said:
I want to overhaul Native with this but I don't know how to start.  :ohdear: :ohdear: :ohdear:

Never ever modded myself. :sad:
Go read some tutorials and guides on it. There's plenty to be found.

Amazing! I'm definitely going to make some good use of the 2d art and the graphical improvements!

Thanks a lot for making it OSP!
I already have a custom textures.brf, what now?
I tried to overwrite textures.brf from CommonRes with mine & then I re-added my textures.
I went IG and the water was like a wall.
I went back to textures.brf and saw its liked with a wall instead of the waterbumps?
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