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Toffee said:
Is there a good way to get yourself killed? My character is now past 60, but he just won't die. His mother lasted until she was nearly 80, if that affects anything. I'd be content to let him live out the rest of his days, but his heir has three daughters and has already put the oldest two in regular marriages. I want to start playing as him so I can at least get the youngest into a matrilineal marriage.
Hmh, that reminds me... The first game I played I had the problem of my rulers outliving all of their children and the majority of their grandchildren, especially the first six who lived between 59 and 94 years, all of them. Yes, 94; trying to get people to accept her greatgrandchild on the throne after that was problematic. Not all too surprising, I guess, considering she considering that during her lifetime she became the queen of Ireland, England and Wales with half of Scotland under her rule, from the starting point of two small duchies.

Yeah, looking back at it, I guess I could have conquered at least another third of Europe most of my rulers didn't have to spend twenty years culling the rebelling nobility before actually getting to do anything. :razz:
94?! Goodness, I don't recall ever growing so old. Think my rulers who passed their 70th birthday can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Although generally speaking, I feel my counts and dukes tend to outlive their royal and imperial counterparts. Governing a kingdom or an empire must be overly stressful.
I hate when my rulers get insanely old. Watching the son's prime years drift by, especially if the grandson is crap by comparison.
More so when your son gives the poor kid a horrible name and marries him off to Jane Doe of House ****-all.
Thanks for all the suicide advice, but I just couldn't do it. I've grown attached to Duke Guilhem IV of Toulouse, awful stats and all. Is that normal? This is my first game, and he's my starting character, so maybe that's why.
Toffee said:
Thanks for all the suicide advice, but I just couldn't do it. I've grown attached to Duke Guilhem IV of Toulouse, awful stats and all. Is that normal? This is my first game, and he's my starting character, so maybe that's why.

You should get attached to all of your characters. Helps the feel of the game if you aren't just trying to power through everything.
Ok, I played a bit of CK II today...
Gawd i ****ed up bad. Real bad. Here's the story.
I, the king of Ireland, the most powerful of the 4 realms of Britain, have decided to give one of my counties to my beloved, good-for-nothing brother. Litteraly good-for-nothing. The highest of all his 5 skills is 5... 5!!1!11!

But at that point it was ok because he was'nt making any trouble...
But then, retarded as he is, he got power-crazed with his 1 county and decided to start a faction of other petty retarded lords to overthrow me and take the thrown for himself.
Since i saw this faction created I have been plotting to kill him... Yeah i'm a wannabe kinslayer.
So! one day he decided that he has enough lords to go for it and... He goes for it!
You guys know that new "Create your own mercenary company" awesome stuff from today's patch? WELL I DO!
So just when he send me the letter i create it and i start to win the battles and crap but then...
              D:            Scotland joined my brother's war... ( The king of Scotland, in my game, was a good friend of me and he was tottaly dependant of me, the king kept getting into trouble and i always saved his ass)
But yeah, retarded lords everywhere, that's what happens. I've lost the war after a somewhat big battle. I had the numbers but also crappy leaders. I have been locked away in my brother's dungeons since, and he won't get me out of there because 3/4 of all Ireland still belongs to me and he was just intelligent enough to know that. (probably his wife told him, who knows)


I'm so screwed :sad:
Create Mercenaries? I was under the impression that they added a Scot and Irish band (and a few others) but since they weren't in you're current save before the patch, they're creatable as titular titles.
Okay, so you have a save pre-patch. It only has so many merc companies (titular titles). The patch then adds a few more mercenary companies (by adding more titles to the title file), but since they didn't exist in your pre-patch save, the mercenary titles aren't owned by anyone. Since the titles are titular (landless), anyone who meets the cultural/religious requirements can create them, as you would a normal dutchy.
It actually happened to me to in my current Britannia save. I gave the Irish Band to the King of Ireland and the Scot Band first to my heir, and later to one of my kin, the Duke of Gwynedd (I want to set him up as King of Wales eventually, but he doesn't have enough counties to hold it reliably).!
As usual, they're in the game with the patch, but only playable with the DLC. That's how they can afford to make all the feature improvements they do in the patch.
My nephew rules a powerful Arles, bringing the Spartan dynasty to Western Europe. Loads of useful daughters and sisters as queens of relevant powers.
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