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Crusader Kings 2 Game: Tale of the Worlds

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Dodes said:
How about a little test run or even a separate game? I would be up for that, but I don't think it's fair to exclude about 1/4th of the players from the start and expect them to do as well by sporadically jumping in.

So I will be up for playing a game TODAY AT 20:00 GMT +0 , but it will be for funsies, and if we have even less people over break, then we will continue the one we will play today.

Fine with me. :grin:

So it is actually a serious game but a fun game if more players show up next time. I agree with that.
I am one of the players who annoyingly cannot make it today. Unfortunately I could till "plans" happened.
Either way, I think it is entirely fair for you lot to play on without me. It sucks that I will miss the first session but it is my fault.

Given that I will not have played however if Seville takes a turn for the worse I would like to be allowed to change!
TitanToe said:
So are we going to create a skype chat now or something?
yeah, we could even start making hamachi networks, so just add me Will Daugherty/Dodes on Skype or whatever and I'll create a skype chat

Plazek said:
Given that I will not have played however if Seville takes a turn for the worse I would like to be allowed to change!
Si-A-erra. said:
So is the game on? I just woke up and I dont know what to do/where to go
game is set to be on in approx 3 hours 30 mins, join skype now if you will

Reilnur said:
There's no need for Hamachi. I've been able to host CK2 without a hitch using direct IP.
I've found it to be helpful even when playing with just my friends

Yeah, but with the restriction for number of people in a channel so low now, it's too inconvenient to be worth it for such a large group.
I've got both a teamspeak and a 32-slot hamachi we can use.
Should make things smoother. is the IP for the Teamspeak, I'll set us up with a channel.
Those who want in on the game. Add the following person.

Will Daugherty/Dodes

To your contact list and you'll receive further instructions.
I should also mention I just ofund a guide on how to survive as Axum so prepare for a new and dynamic empire spreading and growing from the south east! HURRAH!
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