SP Medieval Crusader beta mod in v 1011

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The mod is 5 factions

Kingdom of Jerusalem
Kingdom of Antioch
Kingdom of Seldzuk CHalifat
Kingdom of Tripolitan
Kingdom of Fatimid Chalifat

In mod Crusader beta is
New banners
New shields
New armor
New weapon
New troops
New Map
New armor
New bandits

Download links :grin:







Knight at Arms
I started to play it and I like it. But I have several remarks.  I think it would be good if map was a little more geographically accurate. For example Nil in Egypt should be added with its delta, river Jordan and Dead Sead in Izrael, some more accurate mountains and so on. Although land here is probably predominantly semidesert except Egypt and some other less areas where is desert too I think it wasn't necessary to remove completely all vegetation - grass, trees and shrubs from battlefields and it was sufficient to reduce them adequately. In current situation all the sceneries at battlefields look almost identically and are unnecessarily too much desolated, barren and empty. And area of todays Turkey is very mountainous in fact.  :wink:

And what about do some battlefields in style of oasises in desert with palm trees and well? I think it could look nicely. Or in Egypt to fight at several places near  pyramids or next some ancient Egypt temples or sfings or something similar? And Cyprus could be added here with some ship traveling and so on. This mod has great potential for further improvement and adding a lot of further interesting and historical things.  :smile:


SirBombastic said:
They all sound so very positive (the answers), maybe you could add 'dont go' or 'leave' or even 'off we go'
'we must not linger' 'of to never never land' 'Yeah' 'Nou' and you got the picture...


OK... wth??? i cant understand anything in that download site...cant you just add in file front or somewere English?plus its downloading for 44h............


Knight at Arms
GamerR, click at the download link. Then choose the last option, then choose "Stahnout Free" and use "Opis text z obrazku" and write offered symbols into the window here. And it should work. Sometimes symbols ate poorly readable so, choose another ones.  :wink:

Stevosnv, if you want to have some feedback and support from english speaking people here you have to write some information about the mod. And putting your download at some english site would be good because the most people here don't understant our language.  :wink:

And you should communicate with people here, I suppose you know English at least basically.  :wink:


you don't say... i  didn't understand what to do to download the beta sou ill wait till he puts his mode to a English site ( if he is going  to do it )


Knight at Arms
Men, let him be. His English is probably very elemental.  But it doesn't mean he isn't able to create a good mod.  :smile:


Knight at Arms
GamerR, even my hints didn't help you? Look, it is very simple. Click at the download link and you are at some Czech forum for M&B. Just above in first post there are 4 links for download. Choose the last one where is written "Uloz to". And you will get at another site when you will proceed the way as I wrote here above already. Very simple.  :wink:

Yes, he could but for him it is probably somehow difficult just now. I downloaded the mod quite easily.  :wink:


Sergeant at Arms
Rad said:
Men, let him be. His English is probably very elemental.  But it doesn't mean he isn't able to create a good mod.  :smile:

Elemental?  :lol:

Also, I'm guessing that the various links are download mirrors?
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