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SP Fantasy Crumbs of Power - Working on it again

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GodHandApostole said:
*Still waits in the shadows for Da Mod!!!*  :lol:
Jokes aside, nice to hear you're out of school and hope you can finish this mod :smile:

...And also did my part to pop the thread up ..

eheh right! thank you a lot, this thread tends to die pretty fast!
Sssh eheh :mrgreen:

Well, I think that a little preview of the Heroes' characteristics won't sound that bad:

Actually, the names of the heroes and of some lords and even of some settlements, will be taken from quite all the italian users and even from other forumers of taleworlds, if they give me their permission to use their names, of course :smile:

Actually, apart for the italian players, the other name I was plannin to use are mostly the one that you guys can see in the credits... :smile:
I'll see...in theory it shouldn't be anything difficult to be done, but i' have to see if my modellers are busy or not... :smile:
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