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SP Fantasy Crumbs of Power - Working on it again

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La beta sarà open, così che tutti potranno provarla e riferirmi eventuali bug...la trovo una cosa molto più conveniente di una closed beta, perchè così probabilmente si scopriranno più bug in meno tempo, anche se la faccenda sarà molto più caotica!


EDIT - Thank you Sverre :smile:
I don't know how to ask polite about wheather or not, you have an idea of when the beta comes out? :smile:
When it comes out!

Na, I hate this kind of answers...well let's see...there are some cities still to be placed, some tweaks to do, some bugs to fix, some items to add and ALL the troops to be done...actually i'm compiling them and then i'll ask albertus magnus to lend me an hand in coding, so that i'll go faster in creating the troops...

don't know, maybe 2-3 weeks, but don't trust to much in this prevision because at the moment i'm having some troubles with school's marks, so i got to study harder in this period, cause only a month is left to the finish of the school... :???:
aah, I know what you are talking about...:wink:  I only have ten days left, so the pressure is quite high.,
Well, you are doing a great job!
Hey, I don't know if it has been asked before but I've no time to search and I only want to know, Is this mod being ported to warband expansion or not? If not, Will it be ported some day? Those armors are calling me, but M&B crashes me constantly I don't know why, but Warband runs perfectly. Thank you.
No worries, feel free to ask :wink:

at the moment I'm not porting the mod, cause i still haven't bought Warband...maybe when I'll buy it I'll think on it!
Hi Cinuz!

So how did the map behave? Any crashes, bugs, inaccessible settlements? And do you like how it looks? Is there any way  I could improve it?
So now what about the trooptrees?  :wink:
btw if you don't hurry sending my, I might be busy with my Age of Empires Mod!
(not yet announced  ...and NO, not the Noob-one :mrgreen: )
Is that heraldic platemail with a tabard? I would KILL to get that armor. Just that. I'm not big into overhaul mods but that is some nice armor.

I probably wont use this mod because, as I said, I'm not into overhauls but... It's looking pretty good! When it comes out I'll probably try to rip some of the armor off it and put it into my game without the whole mod (or at least that platemail).

Wish I didn't have to wait for the mod to come out to get that armor =D
Ups, sorry didn't seen this messages!

You know, on the 11th i've finished school, so now i'm FREE


Right now i'm enjoying my new freedom, but i swear that in a little time i'll start working again in the mod!
*Still waits in the shadows for Da Mod!!!*  :lol:
Jokes aside, nice to hear you're out of school and hope you can finish this mod :smile:

...And also did my part to pop the thread up ..
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