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Is there any plans on replacing native Bannerlord items or just adding new models later in development?
Not for the first version but yes, adding custom items is planned for the future.

Hopefully character customization will be more flexible than in the standard native. Height, weight and other parameters
Try to give us full character customization with sliders for that rp aspect for those who like it through the character appearance.
Face cutomization would be a good feature. Body customization will be harder because I think it does affect your character speed and hitbox.

On that note, please get people who care about actual moderation on servers
Unlike cRPG Warband, you won't be allowed to have your own cRPG server for security and operability reasons. This also give the cRPG team with its community, the ability to pick good admins.

Will you try to implement singeplayer crafting or at least a streamlined version of it?
Maybe in a future, but it would make balancing much more difficult.

Will this be more or less the same as the cRPG for Warband (pretty much just native with the ability to make your own character, or will it have some nice changes for it?
The first version will only feature battle mod with persistent characters.

I hope get back my +3 items
Everyone will start with equal rights and wealth :smile:

cRPG mean chadz RPG, but as i see there is no donkey here..So basically it cant be crpg2.
Computer RPG.
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@takeoshigeru Weight modifier on the body of the character does not (probably) change animation speeds, height probably does. On that note, it would be cool if you cannot allow a height slider, to let us select pre-set with built-in minimal stats like 10hp more or some things like that. I really do not want to be limited in CRPG visual customization. Thanks so much for making this mod <3 <3 <3
Except nothing from the old cRPG files got imported . The project is entirely written in c# with a lot of optimizations. Right now what you see is only the tip of the iceberg. Takeo has written all the backend needed to make cRPG2 run .

Second thing "we'll really have" nothing to do. We don't owe you anything . We are 5 people that have worked on the project and Takeoshigeru has done 99.5% of the work. Instead of complaining how about you do like me and learn to code in C# to help us?

Combat system will be improved at some point if someone has the time to work on it.
lel, you're misreading the situation. I wasn't making demands here I was making suggestions and predictions so drop the act and stop behaving as though I just called your girlfriend ugly.
lel, you're misreading the situation. I wasn't making demands here I was making suggestions and predictions so drop the act and stop behaving as though I just called your girlfriend ugly.
You're the one acting entitled and being unpleasant with people who are working for free. Takeoshigeru has spent hundreds of hours working on the project and i have spent tens of hour working on this. I'm not asking you to be grateful. Just act like a decent human being and be a little more respectful.
I call upon the mighty power of PRO clan to reunite!!!

Rise from thy depths of Mordhau and Chivalry! RIISSSSEEEEE

It was such a good time. I have so many fond memories of cRPG. I still remember this awlpike of yours and how people looked like in game. I'm feeling so nostalgic right now.
Can't wait to see some progress like what I saw this week with DTV. You guys can do it!

I hope for the return of the good old days where clans made everything politic andhated on each others. The admiration I had toward insanely good players and also the satisfaction of being part of a communauty.
Oh i remember very well crpg, i designed my own tabbard... sure not the only great aspect of crpg! Like for the 'main' Bannerlord product and development.. surely some patience needed for a fine coming gaming experience.
what an awesome souvenir. Spent so many time in DTV and great war with Polski team Vs Nords it was so epic . Hope a nice Crpg mod to reborn nostalgia
I preferred getting my ass kicked in cRpg rather than kicking ass in any other mod.

And the rush you get when you win a strat battle even though your own KD was 2/18..

cRpg was great because people either worked as teams 80% of the time, or just goofed off. To be in a fight knowing your left and right were safe, and your companions were there for you made the game 10X better than native.

If Bannerlord gets proximity VOIP it will be so much better. There is nothing worse than being flanked and not being able to tell your buds about it.

Every cRpg player learns how to fight in a team according to their skill level. We can't all be heroes, but we can all help the heroes. In cRpg its the winning team that gets the rewards, so if you can't be the greatest, at least you can be a good soldier and feel good about helping your team.
#78 , good news.

Sharing few crpg-vid from warband... to remember past, and hope much more at the future/BL.

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