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MP Native cRPG

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Will this be more or less the same as the cRPG for Warband (pretty much just native with the ability to make your own character, or will it have some nice changes for it?

You could go the same route, or go full on fantasy RPG with big changes like magic and the lot.
Or take the middle ground, it being something like "low fantasy", so it could have some unrealistic added flavor to it, without being too flashy with fireballs and sh*t flyng around.

Honestly I'd like to see some "alternative playstyles" implemented with some funny perks. Something along the way of the "assassin" class in the "mercenaries" mod for warband (very similar to cRPG). They could have access to smoke bombs (was in warband cRPG) and some kinds of ropes which could make them able to climb walls sneak around the enemy. Also some kind of a perk to make them run silently would be a good addition. Stuff like this would increase the replayability of the mod.

And before people get mad for suggesting something new:
It's just a suggestion lol. (especially the point of having an assassin "class")
The modders are free to make anything they want.
Having variety is a good thing, not bad.


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Those are some cool ideas but I'd say it's probably best to work on the OG, non-fantasy version first so as not to upset fans and to create a base that others can work off. Though your ideas about an assassin class actually sound awesome and grounded enough to fit in. If not cRPG, some other mod needs to make those sort of features and I'd imagine it'd be easier to do using C# than the Warband language.

Can't wait to check this out even if it's still a long ways off til we get custom servers. I hope that Talesworld's give some mod developers early access to the custom server files so they can start work on these mods :smile:


Very excited to see cRPG 2 in the works, it's all I've been dreaming of since Bannerlord came out!


I bought Bannerlord the day it was released. But I never played. Because I am waiting Crpg ! I hope get back my +3 items ( it was 15 )


Yeah in all seriousness: You can't just port a bunch of items over from the old cRPG files, slap some levelling system onto it and then call it a day. You'll really have to un-**** the combat system.


Except nothing from the old cRPG files got imported . The project is entirely written in c# with a lot of optimizations. Right now what you see is only the tip of the iceberg. Takeo has written all the backend needed to make cRPG2 run .

Second thing "we'll really have" nothing to do. We don't owe you anything . We are 5 people that have worked on the project and Takeoshigeru has done 99.5% of the work. Instead of complaining how about you do like me and learn to code in C# to help us?

Combat system will be improved at some point if someone has the time to work on it.
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