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Let me introduce you the long awaited cRPG mod for Bannerlord.

cRPG was one the most popular multiplayer mod for Mount & Blade Warband. It added a persistent character leveling where you would start as a peasant and develop your unique character with different stats and items. See the (10 years old) trailer of the old cRPG (thanks Kamosabe):

EDIT 13/10/22:
The multiplayer mod cRPG is now in beta. Join the community on!

Features and plans:
The first version of cRPG for Bannerlord will feature battles with experience, gold, stats, and the ability to manage your character's stats and equipment on the website.

Once that is done, we'll have to prioritize ideas between:
  • Strategus: a multiplayer campaign mode for cRPG (more info here
  • The ability to manage your character's stats and equipment in-game rather than having to do so on the website
  • Alternate game modes: Cooperative wave defense vs bots (Defend The Virgin), duels, siege, competitive 4v4 battles, ...
  • Custom combat mechanics
  • Integrate Elindor's mockups for the website (Elindor who made the banner)
Multiplayer mods are not currently possible, but the website is available at, and a very simple singleplayer version of Defend the Virgin is currently available as a mod for the game on NexusMods (unzip into your Bannerlord Modules folder). Please note that this singleplayer DTV mod is just a tech demo/test, and there a few things to note about it:
  • Depending on the decompression software you use, the .dll file may be blocked. Please check the file properties of "Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\cRPG\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client\Crpg.GameMod.dll" and change the file to Unblock.
  • It was made mostly to test the system and there was no work to make it fun to play
  • You can customize waves by editing the file ModuleData/waves.json
  • You can customize your items on the website
  • The only skills currently implemented are weapon proficiency, athletics, riding and iron flesh (mostly because the ItemModifier feature of Bannerlord is not working, tw pls).
takeo: french software engineer, .NET expert, specialized in performance and distributed systems
+ old members of the old cRPG to debate and share ideas
+ special thanks to havena that helped me with some reverse engineering

To complete the team I'm looking for:
  • Game developers (.NET) to share best practice about game development
  • Front-end developers to improve the website (written in Vue.js + Vuex + Typescript), especially if we plan to do Strategus (Leaflet skills would be a big plus)
  • UX designer to make the website easier to use
I'm not looking for Back-end developers (written in ASP.NET Core + PostgreSQL) as this is the part I'm the most comfortable with.

Release Date:
You can find some information about the cRPG release date here:

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cRPG never been my jam with all those sweaty tryhards like the spring chicken above :p, hopefully u do good


Thehe, this one is going to be interesting, let's see where it goes

Good luck! May CrossBowbimbo's Iberian Mace be with you!
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curious, were you actually on the dev team for the original cRPG? can't seem to remember you :eek:
I was never around for the beginning of the great mods (the likes of Nord Invasion, NW, Roma Oritiur, PW, PF, CRPG, etc) but have loved them all since starting playing in 2014. Excited to see this and many other mods get their start under Bannerlord.


Hooray! :party:
Is there any plans on replacing native Bannerlord items or just adding new models later in development?
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