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A Multiplayer Mod for Warband




Designed by the Donkey Crew, when Warband was released, as a multiplayer, roleplaying, combat oriented mod, themed around the early Dark Ages to High Renaissance, c-RPG is one of the older and most developed mods for Mount & Blade Warband. In cRPG, unlike most other mods and DLC versions, you build your character from a lowly level in a multiplayer setting, gaining experience while fighting in large battles, allowing you to gain Attribute Points and Skill points, creating a unique character build and set of abilities, just like in Native single player (but without the Singleplayer skills such as Leadership, Tracking, etc).

In addition to the leveling system, cRPG offers one of the most eclectic, diverse, and well designed selections of weapons, armors, horses, and utility equipment;

[*]Over 600 pieces of chest, head, arm, and leg armor
[*]Over 350 weapons of the 6 categories: 1h, 2h, Polearm, Crossbow, Throwing, and Bow
[*]30 types of horse
[*]Dozens of types of arrows, bolts, defensive spikes, deployable ladders, siege shields, siege towers, catapults, and utility stuctures (forward spawns for battles, healing tents).

Another important aspect of cRPG is the major alterations in combat balance from Native Warband. cRPG, as mentioned, allows characters to make their own builds and use weapons and armors to compliment that build, but if you're a pure strength 2-hander using a heavy great maul, you will be turning, swinging, and moving far slower than you would in Native, if you are an archer using a Yew Longbow, don't expect to shoot arrows as quickly as you do in Native either! Every build and every weapon and every skill pushes you toward one path, while moving you away from another. If a heavily refined, actively balanced multiplayer mod sounds like fun, give cRPG a try.

All alterations to your characters statistics, equipment, and name can be changed and managed from the website, which you will get acquainted with during installation!

The Various Gamemodes include:
-Battle: Standard, native-like battle. You fight each round till you die, then wait until the next round, all while complaining in chat about archers.

-Siege: You attack a castle or you defend it, pretty basic stuff.

-Defend the Virgin (DTV): An easy place to start; you hold off waves of AI enemies from attacking your virgin heroine (much like the mod Nord Invasion compressed into a single gamemode).

-Duel/Strategus: This server functions as both the duel server, and the setting of Strategus battles when they come along (read further for more on Strategus).

-Rageball: A gamemode where you get completely naked to run as fast as possible and throw a ball between your mates to shoot it into a goal (this gamemode is currently down).



Furthermore, the mod offers a unique strategic minigame called Strategus . It creates a map of Calradia (seen here)
which is accessed from the cRPG website where players can send their cRPG heroes to trade, fight, and own land. All battles inside the minigame are fought in real time in the c-RPG Strategus server, found in the regular server list, where the opposing armies are equipped with all of the gear that the army has purchased on the Strategus Map, and the amount of spawns your team has is based off of how many troops the army has on the map. Any player can sign up for these battles and fight in them, not just clan/faction members! Clans can ally, fight, and trade in a way unlike any other, adding a whole new depth.

Strategus is a whole new experience in itself, and if you enjoy persistent multiplayer mods where you can own fiefs, forge clan lands with your friends, and humiliate your rivals by taking all of their stuff, then cRPG may be worth a try simply for Strategus!

Here are some screenshots of huge Strategus battles and sieges (yes, the catapults are functional and tear up walls!):


- WSE2 stands for Warband Script Enhancer, and it allows the game a plethora of great visual enhancements (you may notice in the screenshots above), and allows for many other features.

- Nudging is a mechanic that allows a player to "bash" another player with their fist or weapon. This differs from a punch because you can throw a nudge while you are wielding a weapon. Nudges are not fundamentally meant to deal damage, but can allow you to interrupt a shielder's block while your teammates surround them, offering an up opening for them to strike the shielder. Nudges also allow you to push an enemy back a distance, giving you a chance to escape if you are about to be surrounded, alternatively, you can use nudges to launch your own teammates forward to catch up to a fleeing archer! Here is my guide on nudges. They are very intricate, and the video is several minutes long, watch only if you are very interested!
- Kicks are a little different than native. In cRPG, you have absolutely NO window to block while you are throwing a kick. In addition to that, if an enemy throws a kick at you, you can kick right back like a weapon chamber and knock them over!

- Player titles and custom banners are not unique to cRPG alone, but play a prominent role in allowing distinguished players and dominant clans to display their prestige and achievements. When entering a server, your title announces you in text chat, including the fiefs you own, the level you've reached, and any other special titles you have obtained or purchased with your hard earned gold. With custom clan banners, you can create any banner you wish, and pay with your gold the right for your clan to use it. Players under the same banner will be stacked together by the server balance in the battle server!

- Rolling is a mechanic that allows you to roll away when you are knocked down by horses, and other dangers of the cRPG world. This is done by double tapping the 'A' or 'D' keys at the exact right moment! If you're noticing a trend with the other mechanics above, cRPG offers players the ability to survive and fight much more effectively IF they are skilled and practiced enough!

- Corpses have hitboxes meaning that when you kill an enemy, for several seconds their body will still be hit-able, so if a bunch of teammates all swung on him as you killed him, you won't all hit each other and teamwound!

- And many more...

Because cRPG runs on it's own unique server/settings, it cannot be downloaded directly from the Steam Workshop, nor does it slip in as a normal module, but it uses its own cRPG Launcher.

You can download cRPG either at its website, (once there, click the Purple ribbon at the top center of the screen, it should read "Download latest version"), or at it's ModDB page:

NOTE: The launcher automatically finds its way into your Mount & Blade Warband files, just be sure you are signed onto your preferred Steam account prior to downloading/activating the launcher (has to do with file finding and serial keys and whatnot).


To begin in cRPG, launch your game up VIA THE CRPG LAUNCHER YOU JUST DOWNLOADED, then click 'Play cRPG' on the launcher (optionally check the 'WSE2 Beta' box for the full experience)!
Once your game has loaded into the main menu, hit 'Play' and design your cRPG character as desired (make sure to name your character something you are proud of! Name changes in cRPG are more than just typing in different letters in the join menu).
Once complete, click 'Join Game' and wait for all the servers to load in. Join any server of your choosing (best do a populated one).
When loading in, you will receive an automated white text at the bottom left of your screen which will assign you a default 4-digit password. You will use this to log into the afore mentioned Once logged in, you can change your password in your settings, access your freshly created character, and browse the shop full of awesome gear you won't be able to buy yet.

-If you forget the 4-digit password you are assigned, no worries, just rejoin the server with the same character, and press these keys in this order 'Q-M-P-S'. You will be given a new password in the bottom left.

If you hop on earlier in the day and you don't see anyone on, don't be discouraged, the playerbase is most active in the evenings! Play some Defend the Virgin and work on leveling your peasant hero by slaying the bots!

Here is a very helpful and informative video to help you get started as a completely new player to c-RPG, and Mount&Blade in general:

Here's another cRPG instructional video made in the 90s, if you're interested!


You can contact me here, or you can contact our head admin, James, here

Definitely hop into the official cRPG discord to ask any questions for a quick reply!


Great post Assington! Nice to see cRPG back on the official taleworlds forums  :cool:. Anyone that needs help getting setup for cRPG is also welcome to message me here, or in the cRPG Discord!


Strategus is a unique and interesting part of cRPG and is definitely recommended to try for groups of players and clans.


Hey, that's pretty good! If you want to get into strategus message me on discord at evilmagic#7087 or in the cRPG discord my nickname is "Tristan". I can help you figure it out and probably give you some gear and silver to start you off!


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I'm curious why this is in the Pioneer's Guild? cRPG has been out and available for many years already, hasn't it?


Thread is going to be moved according to mods. You are correct cRPG has been released since 2010, though it does also still get updates fairly regularly.


The thread was in the Pioneer's Guild because it was posted in the middle of the night and I woke up far later than I'd like to admit. :razz: Fixed now though.
I don't play old **** like Warband often.
But when I do its mostly cRPG now and before I played Vikingr a lot. Best multiplayer pvp mods ever made.

Last time I played native is like 2011.



Checkout a guide on nudging (offhand punch/shove/hiltsmash mechanic added with Warband Script Enhancer 2)

Strong moustache Assington


Anyone wanted to start playing? I try it this weekend, looks great but not much players around.
New servers are up, all patched up lately, tons of new items ...
Is there any interest in starting playing while we are waiting for Bannerlord ...
Here are the peak times for NA and EU

Sadly EU isn't populated as well since no one is wanting to rally the discord at primetime for EU, if you want to Rally EU your free to do so on primetimes in discord.
NA on the other hand gets population almost every single day at 9PM EST, if you wanna come :party:

Come and join our discord for news over cRPG we have a lot to share, even a new large team.



Strategus has been updated!

The Strategus gamemode for cRPG, which involves moving your character around an online map of Calradia to raise armies and take control of fiefs, has gotten a major update by the new head developer.

There is now a nation system, where you align yourself with one of 11 nations which are themed around different historical civilizations, these are:
Swadia - Central Europe
Rhodok - Southern Europe
Berezium - Byzantium
Khergit - Mongol, Steppe Nomads
Tianxia - Eastern China
Yamato - Feudal Japan
Nord - Scandinavia
Staufen - Northern Europe/Northern Germany
Ferocia - Western Europe/France/Spain
Lallan - Celtic Nations (Eire/Scotland)
Vaegir - Eastern Europe/Russia

Your choice of nation determines what gear is available to be purchased and used for you and your factionmates on the Strategus map, as well as what gear your mercenaries can use during Strategus battles.

Dozens are new items are being added from various other mods and sources, so come RP your fantasy 11 year old samurai knight horse archer.
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