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CRPG Campaign

In this mod you can help one of the nine factions in conquering Calradia or create your own. The map is neutral in the beginning and factions are spawned around randomly chosen cities. Every faction starts next to the different city. You can start game in native way or you can start as one of the lords/ladies. In the beginning, factions besiege nearby citiy and slowly will go for the other lands in that city area. After factions conquer all cities and castles, wars pop ups and factions start fighting eachother (this may be changed in the future).

Mod uses WSE: ver. 4.7.0
Warband Version: 1.174:


Im going to add this soon

New mechanics and stuff:

1. Equpping your own troops.
- Player kingdom has his own troop tree now. Through new menu you can equip every troop that is in new tree.
Screenshoots soon.

2. Battle Time included.
- For those who dont know Battle Time mod. You can launch singleplayer batte in multiplayer mode and play it with friends.
- I addded sending and receiving battle files so you dont have to copy it to server manually.

3. New buildings
- You can build: smithy, bowyer, armorer and stables to gain upgrades for your troops.
- You can only have one building type in city/castle.
- Every building has three levels. Higher level = better equipment for troops.
If you've built smithy, your troops get all melee weapons upgraded (e. g. swords first upgrade lvl is "Balanced").

I will post full table for upgrades in the future.

4. Lords constructing buildings in their fiefs
- Every lord/lady/king/queen can construct buildings in their fiefs.
- They too get building bonuses for their troops.

5. Some smaller additions and changes
- Player wpf decreases over time.
- Bots can kick.
- Bots should react faster now after they kill someone (They no longer stand over the dead body waiting to get new target).
- When lord is razing village and he got caught during that, raiding progress was progressing during fight time. Now its fixed and lords no longer can finish raids during fight.
- Wounded enemies no longer disaapear when you catch lord with e.g. 30/50 troops fit for battle.
- After battle when player release troops that were enemy slaves, troops disapered. Now they can be recruited to the allied parties that took part in the batlle. Same with taken enemies if player can't take all of them.
- More ladders during siege.
- Bridge battles (new scenes)
- More food types gives morale bonuses.
- Drinking alcohol makes your troops less effective in fights but they get bonus to hit points.
- Reassing your character stats 2 times during the whole game.
- And more that I can't remember




in nearly future
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How? Sounds like a gimmick to me. Do you have the permission to use 'cRPG' as a title from the mod's creators?

Just like TW's trademarked word.

Yes, I do have permission from the last cRPG developer.

And soon just mean soon. There is no other hidden meaning in this one.

I'm gonna post more information in next week.

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