SP Antiquity Crossing the Rubicon - Caesar's Civil War

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Crossing the Rubicon is a Single player total conversion mod of Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, focusing on the events that unfold over the course of the last years of the Roman Republic.

Planned Features
  • Campaign Map​
  • New Factions​
  • Historical Characters​
  • New Troop Trees​
  • New Weapons and Armor​
  • New quests​
  • New Music​
  • New Siege equipment​
  • New Scenes

Developer Team
  • anoldretiredelephant/ShooterPerson11 - Lead Developer & 3D Character Artist​
  • Marvise - Roman Researcher​
  • MC Laggin199 - 3D Character Artist, 2D Artist & Writer​
  • SirJTaylor - Writer​
  • Huriale - 2D Artist & African Researcher​
  • Macbeth of Gondor - Scener​
  • Genava55 - Gaulish Researcher​
  • Skotos of Sinope - Roman Navy Researcher​
  • Benjin - 3D Character Artist​
  • Daroya - Gaulish Researcher​
  • Garrettich - 3D Character Artist​
  • KingKilo​
Q: When will the mod be released?
A: This is to be determined. We are still in the early stages of the mod and creating our first set of assets.

Q: What time period is this mod?
A: January 10th, 49 BC (705 AUC). Post Marian Reforms

Q: Is this mod going to be historically accurate/authentic?
A: We are making this mod as historically accurate as possible. We have a team of historians working with us that have a plethora of resources at their disposal.

Q: What will I be able to do in this mod?
A: The current vision of this mod is a complete overhaul. We are still working out the fine details and discussing different features that we would like to implement.

Q: Are you guys looking for more developers?
A: Yes, we are looking to grow our team. If you have an interest in joining, please DM me or join our discord server and post an application.

Q: What factions will be in the mod?
A: Populares(Caesar), Optimates(Pompey), Odrysai(Thrace), Rhodos(Rhodes) and Lykia(Lycia) for an initial release
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I also want maps of the regions of my ancestors, the Illyrians, to be made. The difficult geographical conditions of the Adriatic-Balkan and Albania will be great for you. Nice work friends.

Caesar's right to Caesar.
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