Creating new humanoids and the base human_skelleton

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Hey, so -
I'm a character artist, can animate and rig as well.
Making new models with new rigs and animations for the editor is fine, I get that, but I'm trying to use the base human rig on a larger, differently proportioned model.

Lets say I'm making a giant, a goblin or any other humanoid that isn't proportioned like the default BL humanoid -
different size, different proportions, but same skeleton.
Well the problem is that the human skeletons out there don't correspond well to the in-editor BL human models.
I tried the one from nexusmods -
that didn't pick up the anims in the editor, and I'm unable to export the human_skeleton that's already in the editor.

If anyone knows how to export the human_skeleton from the editor or of any other official human skeleton I can use, or if you've done this before and know how to handle it, let me know!


I have the same issue that you have. I downloaded that one from nexus, but doesn't seem to work. Tried to export the base skeleton from the game but i don't know how, there's also the issue that is no documentation available for MAYA or 3ds max, being a professional tool, it seems pretty weird there's no info on how to export, not even tutorials.
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