Creating an "Alpha" Branch for Features, and Using Beta Branches for Bug Fixes

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Currently, the beta branches are a test bed for new bug fixes. They also come with many features, which often run a risk of creating more bugs than the branch tries to fix. What I was thinking is an "alpha" branch to put features on instead, with the alpha having any fixes that moment's current beta would have, and having the beta branch exclusively be for testing new fixes. It would in theory narrow down bugs easier through compare+contrast; You'd highlight bugs caused by new features by having them only be on the alpha, and bugs caused by attempting to fix other bugs would be on both the beta and alpha. This would hopefully point you in the right direction on fixing them by narrowing down potential causes, possibly making the debugging for devs a little easier.

It sprung to mind since we currently have 2 separate beta branches, which shows it's not entirely impossible to manage 3 branches at once. This is a bit of an odd request, given it's not related to the gameplay itself, but I thought I'd put the idea out there. I'm just a "power user"/amateur modder for Bethesda games, however, not a game developer of any kind. So feel free to disregard the idea if there's any complications (i.e. if the triple branch set up we have now required devs to crunch, that's a good reason to not try it again).
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