Creating a party from your companion gives you free troops.

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How to re-create: Step 1: Create a party from a companion
Step 2: When you create it troops are spawned in the party. Take all the troops the new party has.
Step 3: Hit the done button.
Step 4: After taking the troops from your companions party. Disband the party.
Step 5: Your companion will leave. Find your companion and take them to your party.
Step 6: Repeat. So far I have done this 2 times with no problem.


Yes, I came here to tell this. I tried doing this with my wife, a noble (Abagai) and this gives me 20 free quite high level troops each time. I still don't know if I am going to abuse this til it's patched :razz:


how did i not see the obvious abuse? i noticed the +15 free troops but didnt think one step further >.<
Anyway: pls fix


If it makes you feel better the NPCs also abuse this when they spawn in, but they spawn in with parties larger than 20.😀

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A youtuber named Spiffing brit actually abused it. His channel revolves around trying to abuse mechanics in video games.

I reccomend game devs subscribe to the channel so they know what to fix lmao.
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