Resolved Create / Adding / Editing a Party on PS4 incurs cost of close to 5000 dinars

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Summary: When I add a new party, or I change the leader of a party, it causes that party to have for 1 day only a cost of about -5000 dinars incurred. the next in game day, this charge goes away to a more normal number, like 300 to 500 dinars. Is this supposed to happen? Is there any reason creating a party is supposed to incur this crazy cost? To further explain, I am also adding / exchanging troops to form the party when the party is created. I noticed if you create a party and do not add ANY additional troops, and let them SLOWLY recruit, this charge does not seem to occur. BUT if I have say 150 in my main party, and move 50 to the new party, the new party for one day is charged close to 5000 dinars, then goes to 300-500 daily dinars. Seems to be a bug! Is anyone else encountering this, or is this supposed to happen? on PS4
How to Reproduce: Happens every time as above
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This is not a bug, but working as designed. Party leaders have a 5000 gold budget that the clan leader needs to provide. A newly create party will require the player to provide that money. When they purchase troops/food, they will also ask for more money.
it would be helpful if there was a tooltip or anything that actually explained this 5000 dinar party creation cost. i kept resetting my game several times the first time it happened, thinking something went wrong...!! this was not clear in the game why this happened
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