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Arthur453 said:
Not that there are cowboys in FI2 yet lol *slaps on face*

Let's be honest here, the cowboy faction is ****-tier. Poor weapons and armor selection, identical troop trees, lack of any historically-based guns... 1866 assets are superior and have better gunplay.

But in any case FI2's philosophy of "as much stuff as possible" actually damages the mod's quality. There's tons of poor quality, repetitive, or pointless assets included, diminishing their value. Do we really need Spanish conquistador troops that have only one possible armor combo? Is every single samurai armor combination necessary? "Novatroopers"? 4000 kinds of Roman legionary helmets?

Sometimes less is more, and diluting the mod with as much as you can is just going to make it seem like items were haphazardly thrown in for the hell of it.
We have at least two Roman factions that are functionally identical, but the Imperial Legion looks fairly awful as is and would probably be better off being removed and replaced with some crossbow options being put on the Roman Troop types for those that want Romans with crossbows.
I got some Faction Suggestions:
1)Nerds: 1handed weapons: keyboard, D&D 3.5 Manual, iPad, Various food as burrito (knife),
                                      Wharhammer's models, cards, dices (ranged)
            2handed weapons: crutch, poster (rolled)
            shield: gigantic Pizza
            armors: Scoliosis plaster, Orthodontics as helm.
      Hero Troop: The Corsplayer, expensive but with the equipment of various special troops of FI2.

2)Mafia Guys, maybe already proposed, but i think that grafic work is only on suites, weapon are all already on the mod, maybe can be an invader Faction. Lot of Bosses  :grin:
Metalfist said:
Every time I look at this thread I think it says Crazy Bad Ideas. I might be right
                          You are damn right.
Instead of Nerd Faction, i wish to propose a better idea: High School Faction. It can be composed of troops as Nerds, Football Players, Popular Guys/Girls, Emo's, White collars, Professors, Cheerleaders, maybe with special (expensive over tenthousand gold) troops as Director, Corsplayer, Police Officer... i think would be very funny
Expansion ideas part 1 (will finish when I have time and copy paste to steam)
Skeletons need more bosses so like the grim reaper jack the skellington king the bogyman,possibly rename it to invasion of Halloween so it could have more types of invaders.

Robert the Bruce hero unit was the king of Scot land
His brother
Pict troops
Highlander marksmen
bigger shields
More return when I have more shields

Warhammer fantasy Factions
Its been mentioned by several people so refer to them

Cool maps ideas
A haunted house/mansion


Metalfist said:
Every time I look at this thread I think it says Crazy Bad Ideas. I might be right
map of planetoid (similar to this)

I want to see Warhammer Orcs as playable units!

Many prefer 40k, but i personally prefer Warhammer Fantasy Battles (not age of Sigmar or end times) which feels much more adult and immersive. Pretty sure some day i get into 40K too, i have nothing against it, i just don`t like it as much. That technological orks and other things just don`t work for me.
Hi !

Just an idea like that: why not a faction based on Prophesy of pendor knighthoods orders ?

ZeroFighterR said:
Not possible as the devs are only able to share a certain amount of models, not enough to make it worth a faction.

Yep i know it's certainly a ton of work in addition;

However for standard classes on FI2, Pop factions troops are pretty op'
=> Fierdsvain Huscarl/ Sarleon Knight/ Ravenstern Ranger...

For "prestige" classes Knighthoods seems more accurate - expensive of course.

(Pop 3.4 had some really nice set by the way).

Whatever it's just a personnal wish  :party:
Don't get me wrong, I would love to see PoP being in FI2, however as I have stated they cannot get enough from the devs to make it a full faction.
(especially with the stricter requirements for factions on Osiris)
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