Need More Info Crashing when moving on Campaign Map 1.5.10 with mods (Sandbox mode)

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Yes, I used mods.


Summary: Whenever I move around on the campaign map my game gets this error. Can't seem to fix it.
How to Reproduce: Move around the campaign map usually occurs after a couple of days.
Have you used cheats and if so which: No cheats.
Media (Screenshots & Video):

- Reasons

Source: TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.View
Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

- Inner exception

Source: No module
No inner exception was thrown

- Callstacks

Protip: Use a debugger like dnSpy or Visual studio to trace the source of error, by stepping the program line by line.
Inner exception callstack:No inner exception was thrown
Outer exception callstack: at TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.View.BannerVisual.ConvertToMultiMesh()
at TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.View.TableauCacheManager.BeginCreateBannerTexture(BannerCode bannerCode, Action`1 setAction, Boolean isTableau, Boolean isLarge)
at TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.View.BannerVisual.GetTableauTextureSmall(Action`1 setAction)
at TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.View.ItemCollectionElementViewExtensions.GetTableauMaterial(ItemObject item, Banner banner)
at TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.View.ItemCollectionElementViewExtensions.OnGetWeaponData(WeaponData& weaponData, MissionWeapon weapon, Boolean isFemale, Banner banner, Boolean needBatchedVersion)
at TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.MissionWeapon.GetWeaponData(Boolean needBatchedVersionForMeshes)
at TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.View.AgentVisuals.AddSkinArmorWeaponMultiMeshesToEntity(UInt32 teamColor1, UInt32 teamColor2, Boolean needBatchedVersion, String faceAnimation, Single faceAnimationTime)
at TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.View.AgentVisuals.Refresh(Boolean needBatchedVersionForWeaponMeshes, Boolean removeSkeleton, Equipment oldEquipment, Boolean isRandomProgress)
at TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.View.AgentVisuals..ctor(AgentVisualsData data, String name, Boolean isRandomProgress, Boolean needBatchedVersionForWeaponMeshes)
at SandBox.View.Map.PartyVisual.AddCharacterToPartyIcon_Patch2(PartyVisual this, CharacterObject characterObject, UInt32 contourColor, String bannerKey, Int32 wieldedItemIndex, UInt32 teamColor1, UInt32 teamColor2, ActionIndexCache leaderAction, ActionIndexCache mountAction, Single animationStartProgress, Boolean& clearBannerEntityCache)
at SandBox.View.Map.PartyVisual.AddMobileIconComponents(PartyBase party, Boolean& clearBannerComponentCache, Boolean& clearBannerEntityCache)
at SandBox.View.Map.PartyVisual.RefreshPartyIcon(PartyBase party)
at SandBox.View.Map.PartyVisual.TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem.IPartyVisual.Tick(Single realDt, Single dt, PartyBase party)
at TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem.PartyBase.Tick(Single realDt, Single dt)
at TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem.Campaign.RealTick(Single realDt)
at TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem.MapState.OnMapModeTick(Single dt)
at TaleWorlds.Core.GameStateManager.OnTick(Single dt)
at TaleWorlds.Core.Game.OnTick(Single dt)
at TaleWorlds.Core.GameManagerBase.OnTick(Single dt)
at TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.Module.OnApplicationTick_Patch1(Module this, Single dt)

- Installed mods

Hide taleworlds mods
Hide unloaded mods
+ *CA* Important - Load At Top Above Native - Rome (version: v3.0.5)
+ 2h Swords on Hip (version: v1.0.0)
+ Adonnays Troop Changer (version: v1.5.0)
+ Allegiance Overhaul (version: v2.0.0.4)
+ Bandit Militias (version: v3.0.3)
+ BannerColorPersistence (version: v1.2.3)
+ ButterLib (version: v1.0.24)
+ Diplomacy (version: v1.1.2)
+ Harmony (version: v2.1.0.64)
+ Mod Configuration Menu v4 (version: v4.3.13)
+ UIExtenderEx (version: v2.1.6)
+ BannerPaste (version: v1.0.0)
+ Bear my Banner (version: v0.7.3)
+ BetterExceptionWindow (version: e2.1.0)
+ Birke Mod (version: v1.3.1.4)
+ BloodMod (version: v2.0.0)
+ Buy Smithing Parts (version: v1.0.1.2)
+ Calradia Expanded (version: a1.1.4)
+ Calradia Expanded: Kingdoms (version: v1.2.12)
+ Calradia Rising Armory (version: e1.5.7)
+ CA_EagleRising (version: v3.0.5)
+ Character Reload (version: v1.5.10.1)
+ CustomBattle (version: e1.5.10)
+ Custom Troop (version: v1.7.2)
+ FoozleMapPack (version: e1.5.9)
+ HorseCaparisons (version: e1.5.4)
+ Houses of Calradia (version: v1.2.:cool:
+ Improved Garrisons (version: v4.0.2.10)
+ Intrigues (version: v1.0.:cool:
+ Kaoses Party Sizes (version: v0.2.2)
+ Kaoses Tweaks (version: v0.2.11)
+ Native (version: e1.5.10)
+ Open Source Armory (version: v1.3.0)
+ Real Horses (version: v1.0.0)
+ Sandbox (version: e1.5.10)
+ SandBox Core (version: e1.5.10)
+ Select All Kingdom Culture (version: v1.0.1)
+ Settlement Culture Changer (version: v1.0.5)
+ Settlement Icons (End's Update) (version: v1.3.0)
+ StoryMode (version: e1.5.10)
+ Transfer Companions (version: v1.0.3)
+ TrueRelationsFix (version: v1.0.0)
+ Useful Companions (version: v0.3.10)
+ Warhammer_pack (version: e0.0.1)
+ Detailed Character Creation (version: v1.2.2.6)

- Loaded DLLs

Hide taleworlds dll
Computer Specs:
OS: Windows 10 Home
GPU Driver Version:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor 3.59 GHz
RAM: 16.0 GB
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): HDD

MArdA TaleWorlds

Community Support & Localization
Community Support
RGL dump file would be very nice. Also, were you able to crash without the mods installed?
Were you able to see the crash uploader tool? If you can upload your crash to us we can check it out. Please don't forget to copy the Crash ID and write it here so that we can find it.
More info about the crash uploader tool can be found here.
Have you checked out these threads about our Crash Checklist and Common Issues and Workarounds? They can help you find a solution as well.
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