Crashing, Low FPS, and Lag Fixes

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Osviux said:
I remember my old GPU would reach temperatures up to 170 degrees Celsius during winter, had to play on the lowest graphics and Directx7 to increase good performance time, for cooldown I used to take my PC box to the balcony where it was around -10 degrees so 5 minutes were usually enough. Even though this was done at my home, don't do that at your home, kids.

170 degrees celcius is 70 degrees over the maximum temperature for almost every single piece of electronic hardware created in the past 10 years. Your system would have shut down at 110, and suffer severe heat damage at 170.


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That's what a program showed me, but the system didn't shut down, it only shut down when I had an over-heating problem with my CPU, but I fixed that without any drastic or stupid measures :grin:


So, I'm trying to join this one server, instant crash to desktop. All other servers work fine. I'm talking to people over steam chat, and they all say they can enter that particular server without issues. I restarted my comp, reinstalled the module, nothing works. Lowering graphics or changing to DX7 does nothing different, just insta-crash to desktop.
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