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Need More Info Crashes when try to Load Saved Games

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I never had this problem till the recent updates but when I try to load any save game is just crashes and tells me to send report. when I start a new campaign it works for a little bit but it seems when I exit game and the next day get back on the save doesn't work. I cant even continue my long devoted campaign cause it wont let me load it without crashing. I cant start a new one because even if the Saves work for a day or 2 they eventually don't for no reason. I don't do any of the quests I just play like normal. getting troops, killing looters, joining kingdoms, fighting in their army's. Idky its not letting me load my saves. I wish this to be fixed because its tiring having to start new everyday. I have loved the game till now. I did notice a steam community thread on the game that a lot of people where having the same problem.


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Hello, thanks for reporting this problem. Unfortunately, we were unable to respond to this thread when it was first created. We believe the issue may have been resolved since the creation of this topic. If you are currently experiencing this issue with the latest live or beta versions of the game, please update this thread so we can forward this issue to the team for investigation.
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