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Need More Info Crashes in single player. Loosing hope for this game...

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Version number
No, I didn't use any mods.
Dump identifier (optional)
I have a screenshot of it


I've launched the game after few weeks of not playing and it crashed after first battle, then crashed after trying to enter inventory and so on. I have a twc crash uploader and identifier screenshot.

I never used any mods and not using them now.

Please fix this.

Some time ago stuttering, now this...

Starting to loose hope for this game.

i7 7th gen
16gb ram
gtx1060 6gb
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Community Support
Community Support
Maybe just fix your game already ? It's been 8 months?
The game is still under Early Access development and we are tasked with helping players who are experiencing technical issues. If you have a technical problem, please create a thread with detailed information. Otherwise, we have a feedback and suggestions sub-forum, and you can post your feedback there.
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