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No, I didn't use any mods.

Rand Denner

Every crash to desktop I've had in 1.5.10, EVERY last one, is when the game attempts to shut down first person combat and switch to campaign mode.
Literally at the point where the transition would occur.
I've stopped the game from sending bug reports now, because if you don't already have enough info on what is causing this in 1.5.10, then there isn't enough information possible.
This didn't happen to me much, if ever in 1.5.9, so it's something that's changed between that and 1.5.10.

I hope you can fix this, because it is very annoying to win a tough battle and lose due to a crash...

Rand Denner

Well, it seems to crash a whole lot less on 1.6.0, so that's good.

The game still locks you out of issuing orders in the combat zone the instant the enemies flee from battle, however.
That should be fixed. It only started with 1.5.10. It was not the case previously in 1.5.9.
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Community Support
Community Support
Hello, i am glad the crashes are gone. We are aware of the orders not being issued after the enemy starts fleeing and working on it. Thank you for your time and for reporting it in.
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