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G'day folks,

I've got a savegame which can no longer be loaded. I would very much like to continue running down peasants if it can be resurrected.

To reproduce,
  1. Be using e1.5.7 or .8
  2. No mods
  3. Open Bannerlord from Steam
  4. Main menu looking good
  5. Try to load "broken.sav" (link below)
  6. Loading screen shows for a little while (about as long as a successful load normally takes)
  7. Crash with crash-reporter (2021-02-16_11.49.33_becb91607f5e644185497ab6014c3cbd -- note this is using a slightly newer save than "broken.sav")
If you instead load "working.sav" it will load OK. These two saves are the last working and first broken ones I have. Both are from the same playthrough.
  • I have reproduced using e1.5.7 and e1.5.8.
  • Safe mode does not help
  • I have not made any hardware changes
  • I have rebooted
  • All my recent savegames are approximately the same size on disk so it's not like half the save file is missing
OS: Win 10
GPU: RTX 2080 Super
GPU Driver Version: 460.89
CPU: Ryzen 7 3700X
RAM: 32G
Motherboard: Asus Prime X570 Pro
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): 1TB NVMe

Savegame link:

By day I work in *nix/Python. Happy to roll up the sleeves and do any extra debugging.



Hey nullity, we found the cause of the crash but we have no idea how it would have occurred. We are thinking of something occurred related to hardware. Sadly your save file got broken. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Thanks for having a look folks. I will try out a fresh campaign.

As for hardware being an explanation — I have several save files from the same many-hour session one evening (hey, it's a good game). All of them are corrupted. So it seems to me like the in-memory state of the game had a problem, and every time it was written to disk that problem was written too. If there was a hardware issue with the disk, I would expect only one of those saves to be corrupted. If there was a CPU issue the crash would surely have been during the session, not while trying to load it later. And if there was a memory issue I would think the same reasoning would apply. Just my thoughts about what it looks like from the outside.
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