Resolved Crash when executing the last Sturgian lord

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So I finally tracked down the last of the Sturgians and executed them (which royally ticked off my Vlandian allies because nobody likes a noble killer lol.) When I try to execute him, the game crashes (presumably to do with the death of a faction?) I've had the Steppe Bandits faction wiped out by the AI without it crashing, and I've eradicated factions in previous playthroughs (previous patches.) I have a save file from right after I captured him (I am always save scumming on this game for this exact reason because, Early Access.) On 3 attempts it crashed as soon as I clicked "Execute." I even loaded, moved around a bit to make sure the game wasn't just crashing for some other event in the game, and then saved again. Reloaded and executed him and the same thing happened, so it is definitely related to the execution (and likely the Sturgian faction being eliminated.)

Uploaded save file with the same tag as I entered in Tags field on this post.


Happened to me aswell when i beheaded the last faction leader for Vlandia - When reloaded older savefile i just made peace and for some reason the last Vlandian leader died - Now i am just in a constant war with Vlandia tho it got 0 clans and the faction has been purged
Todays patch notes: Fixed a crash that occurred when executing the last non-mercenary lord of a kingdom.

Woot! Thanks for the quick fix!
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