Resolved crash to desktop at mp_tdm_map_003

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Sergeant Knight

Scene Name mp_tdm_map_003
Media no
Computer Specs:
OS:windows 10
GPU:nvidia gtx 1050 ti
GPU Driver Version: 457.09 the current one
CPU: intel i 5 6400@ 2,7 GHz
RAM: 16 gb
whenever i try to join custom game of that map -mp_tdm_map_003- is starts loading map but stops...
saying: Native/Asset/Package/pack15.tpac Error decompression failure....
after that ignore or cancel button|> then crash to desktop whatever i click.
Can you try these listed below and try again? Also, please keep in mind that there are no servers up for 1.5.4 beta version. You can only play Multiplayer on the live versions.
  • Open: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\Native\AssetPackages folder.
  • The error message should have the name of a file with the file extension “.tpac”.
  • Locate and delete the file in the AssetPackages folder.
  • Verify the game files through Steam
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