Crash thread, tried all suggestions I found.

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I'm sure this isn't a new issue to most, but I'm having trouble getting the mod to run. I run on a x64 bit system with 16 gigs of ram, and a gtx 760. I have all the right boxes ticked, tried the cmd prompt and rebooted to no solution.

I can get to the main menu, but when I choose a server I immediately have the game freeze up on me, with a runtime error appearing saying that it's terminating the program. Any ideas?

I know it's the biggest mod out there for Warband, but I feel like my system should be able to handle it.
windows 7. Just tried with the low res, same issue. Right before it crashes, it says "Requesting entry" when I click to join a server.
What version of the mod do you have v0117 or v0118? Unfortunately no servers are updated for v0118 so use the backup for v0117 if you have v0118 downloaded and want to play quickly.
This is normal, this is not your fault. All servers are still running v0117, its natural that you will crashed. Please wait for hosters to update their server. In the mean time please consider using the v0117 backup inside FI2 folder to switch back to v0117
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