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Need More Info Crash on campaign start

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No, I didn't use any mods.


Hi, so I played the game a few months ago, for a 100 hour playthrough, no problem and decided to come have another go due to the recent 1.5.6 update. But I cannot start a new campaign. None of my save files work, which I am not too bothered about, the only thing that does is the custom battle mode.
I get an error message stating "the application faced a problem" when I try to start a new game. I have sent in multiple crash reports but nothing seems to be fixing the problem.

I have verified my game files, deleted all my previous saves, deleted one other mod I previously had from the game files, reinstalled the game fresh, downloaded the dependencies manually, ran everything as administrator and set up exceptions on my antivirus but nothing seems to be working.

My most recent crash ID is: 2021-01-18_17.03.48_42deab643923a18da38fa221e23b11d9
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