Need More Info Crash after Mountain Bandit Camp

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Yes, but I removed mods.


I get a crash to desktop whenever I win a mountain bandit camp
All I have to do is fight the camp and it crashes when the loot screen appears, the troop / prisoner screen works until I click next

I didn't receive any crash report

Computer Specs:
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit, all updated
GPU: Asus RTX 2080
GPU Driver 466.77
CPU: Intel Core I9-10900X 3.7GHz
Motherboard: Asus Rampage VI Omega
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): WD Black 1TB NVMe (Windows) WD Blue NVME 2TB (Game)


Update: If I don't take any prisoners after taking the camp, it works, so it is probably the troop screen making it crash

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Do you have a save file that is just before the mountain bandit camp encounter?
With your save file, we can reproduce the issue much easier and faster. For more information regarding how to send us your save files, you can check this thread out. You can find your save file here:
C:\Users\username\Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Game Saves

You can send your save files to us via site. Please write your username and this threads URL into the description box so that we can find it easier. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
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