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Need More Info Crash İstenen Bellek Boyutu

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No, I didn't use any mods.


özet : Oyun içinde bir anda istenen bellek boyutu crashini alıyorum ve oyun kapanıyor oyun sürümüm 1.6.4

application crashed because it could not get new memory from the operating system

common causes are:
-Physical memory of your system might be insufficient for current configurations
-Your OS page file might be too small
-Other running applications might increase memory pressure on your system

How to Reproduce:
Have you used cheats and if so which:N/A
Scene Name (if related):N/A
Media (Screenshots & Video):N/A
Computer Specs:
OS: Windows 10
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
GPU: Driver Version: 496.13
CPU:Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU 2.80GHz
Storage Device (HDD/SSD):HDD 931GB

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Can you try the workaround below?
A possible fix for RGLGPU_DEVICE::LOCK_TEXTURE Crash
If you are crashing in the middle of the game with the “RGLGPU_DEVICE::LOCK_TEXTURE” error, you can try the workaround below to fix it:
  • Expanding the swap size on your hard disk. You can find more info regarding this here.


Merhaba çözümünüzü şimdi uyguladım oynadığım zamanlarda aynı sorunla karşılaşıp karşılaşmadığımı bildireceğim teşekkürler.


İstenen disk boyutunda crashi değil ama bu sefer de şöyle bir crash aldım Application Faced A Problem
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