Crafted\Forged Items appear in town market inventories

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So I've noticed, and can confirm, that crafted weapons will start appearing in the market inventories of towns. I haven't sold anything I have made during current playthrough, yet... when I go to the market I will see:

(Cr) **** (literally the name)

(Cr) is 'Crafting' designate and the next part is what I think of it, or its overall worth (usually mass forging things for the sole purpose of smelt them down to grind for new weapon parts).

I did my best to keep the market inventories pure of the garbage I made. Going so far in previous playthroughs as to purchase them back, so I could melt them down, and purify the inventories.

But alas, it is for naught, as I went to a tournament and what did I find?

Prize: (Cr) ****

Because forged weapons don't stack, they can clutter market inventory.

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It doesn't matter if you sold them in town or if you smelt them down immediately, they'll still show up for sale all over the world and as tournament prizes. Later in the game, your crafted items will start to outnumber everything else for sale in the shops. Its my biggest annoyance with the crafting system.


It would be nice if crafting items had an impact on new recruits. Also you produce and sell a lot of swords in a town and the next available recruits should be swordsman and the weapons are consumed. that would be mean, if no weapon in town, you get peasants and have to level them as usual.


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Yeah your .sav file gets bigger and bigger and loading stores will get slower too.
It really sucks. I wish they would just snip out whatever causes them to go into stores.


I really, really hope they implement soon something like that 'crafting copyright' mod mechanic ingame.
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