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Courtship: Permission to Court

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I got permission from a lord to court his daughter. I have visited multiple times and got the dialog "the guards wink at you... etc". Now, I tried to visit her and I have to clandestinely met her since "my father will not permit me to see you...etc".

What gives, I got permission then it was revoked? I think this is a bug, but I am wondering if there is a work around/hack since the father wont permit me to court her when I ask her. My relationship with him is 15, but it drops 1 each time I ask for permission to court.

I think in the past when I experienced this I would change factions or the father would and it seemed to reset the courtship process. Either way, its dumb having already gotten permission only to have it rescinded.


Perhaps the lady got betrothed, and then that's why you couldn't visit her anymore? I asked a lady who likes me about our future and find out that the lady just got "betrothed" sometimes so you can't marry her anymore and then you can try to make her elope, but only if the lady is of a certain personality.


I am almost certain she is not betrothed. I am still able to see her but I have to sneak in dressed up like woman! I have had a courtship and the woman said she betrothed, but I think I challenged the suitor to a duel and ended that.
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