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NA Duel Completed Court of Cavalry | Duel Tourney | $100 Prize

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Rules have been updated, please review them so there is NO confusion. Rules are in order.

Challonge is posted on the main page of this thread.

Good luck, participants!
where is the main page of this thread?

what time is the deadline for the first round?

The main page is on page 1?

As for the deadline, we're going to try to get it done by the 5th (1st round that is)

These duels don't take long and everyone that signed up is pretty active so I don't see any potential issues, if someone's taking a long time I'll contact both parties to make sure they are going to do it and if not then they will be disqualified if it takes too long. No need to worry Mr. Jesus
My opponent didnt answer me so I would like to get the default.
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