NA Duel In-progress Court of Cavalry | Duel Tourney | $100 Prize

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#1: Only Cavalry, Improved Armor / Lance - No Long / Heavy Lances

#2: You may only attempt to hit your opponent, not their horse, until their shield is broken. Once their shield is broken, you may either aim for them or their horse.

#3: Swords, and Maces are NOT allowed, the only weapon you should be using is the standard lance

#4: You can request an admin to watch your duel but it is not required

#5: Bribing someone to withdraw from the tournament, paying someone to play for you, or having someone play for you pretending to be you will disqualify you from this event.

#6: Once you are dismounted you lose

#7: Couching is not permitted

#8: Best of 3 duels

Please make sure you read and follow the rules as prescribed

Greetings, fellow Knights of Calradia. This years Court of Cavalry is upon us. I wish everyone that participates the best of luck. Bring honor to the field and do your best. Godspeed.

The Tournament:

Start Date: October 1st

End Date: October 12th

Signup Format:




Challonge Bracket: (Will be posted once enough register)
1st Place Prize: $100
2nd Place Prize: $20
3rd Place Prize: $10

Challonge Bracket:
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Updated Rules - Cavalry is allowed to fight the dismounted opponent and vise versa to win the round

Note: Dismounting your opponent does not count as a win
Name: OSOD Imperator
Discord: The Imperator#0955
Region: NA West
*Signing up for Chowski*
Discord: rockemsockemrobotcock#3845
Region: NA East
Name: Nopanda
Region: MID west US
Name: TheCrusader5
Discord: TheCrusader5#4325
Region: NA East
Name: Inspire
Discord: Inspire#0065
Region: NA East
Name: Aela
Discord: Aela#0378
Region: NA East
Name: BestNAPlayerGta
Discord: GTASHAWDOW1211#7617
Region: NA East

Applications Accepted
Name: [PSFC] Matt The Lord
Steam:****/ last word in link is s h i t
Discord: Matt_The_Lord#2226
Region: NA East
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