Couple questions... and a request


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OK, first of all, cool looking mod (though I've bearly started playing it, heh) thank you for your time :smile:

so first question, is there any way of being fairy-kin without selecting your father as being a fairy?

second question, why would I want to be a ghost?

And as for the request, any chance someone could give me a general direction, a starter guide as it were. What should I go do first, or whats a few cool things I could aim for to get me started?

Thanks again

The Lord7

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for first question
as far as I know no you can`t

for second question
there is a number reasons (to get the armor set which have good states and awesome looking & to get the third fastest mount after cerbus and the mount of antihero I forget his name & u got 1 point to every attribute when u became a ghost & u can get ghostwood if u`r a fairy & you will be named ghost in the charcter info) thats what u get as far as I know but you`ll no longer recive birthday presents.

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Becoming a ghost is also essential to obtaining the Relicmaster reward. As for your request, read the Strategy Guide topic on this board and see what interests you. Roleplay something to start out, if it seems boring, you've missed something :smile: