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Here you can post suggestions and ideas for The Red Wars and then debate why your ideas are better than the ones of your fellow players.
You can also share feedback and criticism regarding the mod and its content.


:cool: - http://www.therionarms.com/reenact/therionarms_c1403.html





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No more custom Battlefields, like Blood and Steel.

5-7 variations of battlefield per terrain and 2-4 per forest because M&B random generated battlefields are bumpy and boring, plus completely unfit for the period.


For one who downloaded just today, I would like more than anything:
1. a note on the pistols and whatnot on how many bullets they can load at a given time (for example "example pistol (:cool:")
2. the bullets could have a note on what type of weapon they are for, at least for the ones that are not obvious, such as warfare bullets (for example "example bullets (pistol)")

I will play some more, maybe some more things will pop up. Great work so far! :smile:

3. being able to see the current ammo in your weapon
4. Being able to reload even though your gun is not empty


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I suggested this in the old thread, but it might be time for the tournie stuff to be reworked to fit the modern day setting.

Organised boxing Fallout 2 style, as well as more cruder no rules underground fights with all kinds of nasty melee weapons could replace the Medieval stuff from vanilla.

Also, hunting and possibly gambling features would be nice. We could also do some proper twenties era-esqe suits and fedoera for the Balion Gangster in all of us.


Is it possible to make street to street fighting scenes with buildings you can enter and you shoot across the street to kill the enemy?
My little bug and flaw report -
1. 'nades dont explode
2. No helvetian armour in stores
3. There should be option for AR's as sub-auto

And the tsar... Made me laugh. If you dont know what im saying, its putin.
Also, if youre gonna finish all single-player features in 1.6, im allowing you to start making mp.

Che Guevara

Political ideology like a faith game mechanic was discussed in the old thread, but what about implementing peasant revolts? Or revolutions you could start?

Like the potential for a opposing political ideology to take root in villages and bam... Revolt. If said revolution were to succeed either they'd join the faction of their aligned beliefs (IE, if a Swazi village decided to become Commies... They'd join the Vaegirs) or become independent... Or, if you started it, it'd be yours.

Then you'd also need some form of propaganda mechanic paired with how much you're liked by said village.

I don't know much voodoo modding would be involved, but that'd be legit.


I'd like this suggestion to be concidered:

The ability to drive different types of vehicles instead of horses, and while you drive to have an AI shoot on the back of your car, as an example, it would be a cool feature.

Capt. Snow

Better and more fitting gear for sneaking into towns would be nice. Possibly a small pistol and a knife in lieu of a stick and throwing knives since fighting guys with machine guns and rifles off with a stick is near impossible.


As new features, I suggest a few additions:
  • Using the actual "towns" as downtowns instead as the full town. The surrounding area on the worldmap would have been edited to look like a early 20th century (depending on the area, of course, it would look different depending on the country) and the fights in those areas would take place is random scenes looking like a street.
  • About street-themed combat scenes, it could be a good idea to give the "Black Bart Bandits" urban-themed hideouts.
  • There should be an option to try to convince a deserter party to join your army (with the Persuasion skill?), instead of just "pay them" and "slaughter them". Also, if you have plenty of renown, there should be an option to force them to flee.
  • Allowing to start the campaign in Balion or Helvetia, and adding the "merchant brother" quest there too.
  • Some of the new tavern scenes are two empty, they could benefit from a couple of tables and chairs.
  • Most of new banners are either Vaegir, Swazi, or Sarranid. Banners themed for the other factions would be fine, too.
  • As there aren't bows anymore in the mod, the "Power Draw" skill could be altered to become a Dexterity-related skill which affects both pistols and rifles.
  • In a medieval-like setting, it makes some sense to have the lord really involved in building things in his castle (thus having the "Engineering" skill affecting construction time). In a modern setting, being a military leader, a politician, and your own architect in the same time isn't very credible. I suggest that "Engineering" is renamed "Artillery Science". Construction's duration in "fief" management should be unaffected by the skill. Optionally, the construction menu should propose to pay more money a building in order to benefit of faster construction.

Also, something more important: changing the recruitment system.
Like in Native, recruits' type is fixed to the village. It doesn't make sense in a modern setting, as the uniform, weapons, and combat efficiency should be related to the recruiter, not to the birthplace. So, how to fix this?
First, at character creation, you choose your own "culture" (one of the playable factions - it also grants a small starting relation bonus with this faction). You can have the option to change it in the camp menu.
When you enter a village, the message would give the choice to hire recruit as troops of the mercenaries unit tree or as troops of your culture.
You could be able to recruit troops this way from villages belong to an enemy faction. It would be under "hostile action" and have some negative consequences: decrease in relations with the village, decrease in your army's morale, and a probability that your forced recruits leave your army the first night (like when you recruit troops in your prisoners).
To still be able to recruit soldiers from any faction, you could allow to hire deserters (cf above), and also add small parties of random major factions' troops appearing in taverns like any other mercenaries.

And, finally, new buildings and "fief" management suggestions:
  • Casino (town): The town earns you more money, you can access some mini-games. And it slightly increases the bandit's spawn rate in the town surroundings. :mrgreen:
  • Statue (village, castle, town): Immediately grants some renown at completion.
  • Hospital (village, castle, town): Increases the town/village prosperity, increases the healing rate of garrisoned troops (and the player's party too, if resting there).
  • Telegraph (castle, town): Renaming of the "messenger post" upgrade.
  • Conscription center (village): Increases the volunteers' number when recruiting troops.
  • Militia Headquarters (village): Village takes longer to be raided. When defending a village, the local troops spawned are no longer the basic farmers and peasants, now replaced by simple mercenaries and/or low tier units from the defender faction's troop tree.
  • Factory (village, town): Gradually increases the prosperity, and earns more money. The village "factory" would replace the Native "mill".
  • War factory (town): The town no longer sells cracked/broken/rusted/etc items. You can go there to repair your own damaged weapons/uniforms looted, for a price.
  • Training center (castle, town): Garrisoned troops automatically gain experience.

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When the Mount and Blade first released, we thought Khergits were Turkish-Mongolian combined but you made them like China  :sad:.


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Might be a very good idea to remove the Holocaust themed banners yeah. I'm still in the 'parody swastika' camp side of things. You don't want actual Nazi's playing and enjoying your mod now.


Creating a WW2 Germany-inspired faction wearing Nazi uniforms and wielding Nazi banners is one thing. Putting banners on which you wrote the words written on Auschwitz' entrance is definitively more tasteless.
I don't request to remove all the Swastikas and Nazi-related art, just the explicit Holocaust references.


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I really wouldn't mention you have a thread in that horrible place here, sort of something best kept to yourself. Lets try and not encourage those scumbags though.

I've seen the newer banners and I approve.

cody2224 said:
Add flowers into the swastika

Woah dude, edgy.


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I love how everyone gets all pissy at Swastikas and stuff from WW2, makes me laugh.
I agree with removing the auswitz phrase, it really is in poor taste and unnecessary.  But we plan to keep everything else as is. If this mods use of nazis seriously offends you, I'd recommend leaving this sub board, deleting the mod from your computer,  and never speaking of it again.

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