Could you give us cinematic prebattle scenes (QOL)

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Hey guys,
as this is the suggestions thread, this is just a quality of life suggestion. Could it be possible, to give us cinematic prebattle scenes, representing weather, armys and terrain. Would be so nice to have a camera flying over the battlefield before battle. With some closeups of some of the most important Captains on the battlefield with their part of the army in the background. Some heroic music and optional.

Cheers :smile:
With the amount of fighting in the game, this would be very very tedious and slow the game down a lot so I personally wouldn't like it. If it was added there should be a setting that can be manually set by the player of the minimum amount of soldiers on BOTH sides of the battle to trigger this cutscene. I would personally say a minimum of 1000 units ON BOTH SIDES would seem a good default start. Why both sides? Because 1000 vs any other number can happen commonly and it would destroy the impact of the speech when you're gathering an army to steamroll they have to talk about Glory, God & Gold on every shmuck they come across that they know they can simply crush in 5 minutes.
Well then, it could be made skippable and only activated for large battles. Problems solved.
The real problem is that Taleworlds doesn't seem to work on voiceovers, so no speeches, just leaders making faces at each other.
I remember the early total war games. Where the commander did a pre-battle really speech. Some of them was some of the most funniest **** I heard... "I didn't really want to show up today, but my mother made me"....
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