Could we get some rusty 2h swords and mauls?

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Title. I havent played since a month after EA started, put about 70 hours in then walked away to let the game "cook" some more. And I'm really liking what i'm seeing on V1.5.5 now. Somehow my PC is even able to smoothly run massive battles mostly maxed out at 1080p on a i7-4790k, 16gb DDR3, GTX 960 4gb, it was like a powerpoint slideshow a few months ago.

That all said, I was interested in testing some of the new perks (new to me anyway) that TW have implemented. And I have noticed there is a serious imbalance in the item loot.
I've found a metric ton of 1h weapons, swords etc, and 2h-polearms (which still feel like the "de facto way to play" - mounted lances for shish-kebabing, mounted glaives for dynasty warrioring) but there are basically no 2h swords anywhere I look - unless I decide to make one myself. Now, fair enough, given the game's time period, a giant 2-h sword isn't going to be a common item but there are no 2h blunt weapons I can find either, and few-to-no axes spawning after battles, or even for cheap in shops when I roam around. This is also the case for crossbows - that makes sense there, as it's Vlandias "thing", but an axe? Every turnip farmer around will have one for various agricultural work, and they seem to be thematically appropriate for Sturgia.

I'm still catching up on the past dev updates etc, but does anyone know if there are any plans to add levelled 2h loot? like rusty / poor quality 2h swords, or more basic axes and mauls? Maybe just adding them to a single faction? Like more cheap mauls in Battanian territory, cheap (2h) axes in sturgian settlements, high quality 2h swords in the empire etc. Or even adding them as random loot drops from clearing out bandit camps.

It's already the weakest melee weapons class to play as polearms kill everything better, shields make you die less (never used a dagger, that is probably worse, I guess..). And yeah I could spec in to smithing, and I could get rich to then buy some higher-tier weapons "later on" but by that point I'll have already started specialising into another weapon, out of necessity, making 2h's a non-choice. And no other weapon has such little "early on" gear - even crossbows seem to be obtainable quite early if you head to vlandia and get lucky.
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