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Hey, I've been working on a custom campaign map for some time and, out of the blue, I've got the following error when I try to load my map:


It doesn't necessarily crash, but the scene is completely black and I can't work on it.

I'm aware someone had a related issue, but it doesn't work at all in my case(I didn't even start navmeshing)

Ryzen 7 3800x ,RX 5700 XT 8gb, 16gb ram, SSD

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Can you send us the scene data?
Please RAR/ZIP the scene files and upload the RAR/ZIP to Please also include the URL of this topic to the description box as well. There are 2 folders located under the below paths with your scene name:
  • WOTS\Modules\SandBox\SceneObj
  • WOTS\Modules\SandBox\SceneEditData


I saw the same screen and error messages today after I corrupted a scene.xscene file by pasting in a group's components into entities (in Notepad++) but forgetting to also paste the group object line <group_object name="town_en3_rocks" guid="{BDDE850F-98BC-4641-BD18-2273A614E4E6}"/> into the group objects section inside editor_data.
That's interesting - come to think of it, this problem started the day after I've scaled down some rocks to put on scene.
Coincidence or not, it might be a clue; athough I didn't mess with notepad++


I don't believe its related to rocks specifically. Just the outcome of a corrupted scene.xscene file. They're too big to check for errors by eye, but you could try running a compare between the corrupted scene's scene.xscene file and that of its previous save from your backup folder to isolate changes. Something might be obviously wrong. Failing that, you could just revert to its backup.
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