SP - General Corruption system For The Kingdom/Satisfaction/Loyality Feature for NPC

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This Suggestion Evolves Around Clans, (using capital letters to make things more easy to read if possible and less annoying)

((FIRST)) - as we know all kingdoms are made out of clans and these clans have --Leaders-- which gave an oath of loyalty to there -king-.

((SECOND))- Bannerlord Contains Trait System as it normally Should influence NPC Behavior: 1 -Loyalty
2- Greedy/ or ofcourse ambitious

((THIRD)))- the games amazing but feels lifeless for an RPG and AI tactics on the world map, the game on its current stage is an action/ trading only, if possible
i wish to suggest these, that might pin point the problem which is the behaviour of NPC's and what influence them, based on this Features are added

~ The Game lacks NPC depth Which gives the Clan Enviroment and the Grand Enviroment of calaradia and its corruption, as Clans did gave an Oath of Loyalty to the king, but not all of them are loyal, letting the player manage the satisfaction of the npc's wont only give depth to the NPC's behavior but also to the kingdoms Enviroment, and players adveture in an RPG game.

-we already have a trait system to influence NPC's Behaviour
- we need satisfaction Level added to them
-we need Corruption Level added to the land telling us the total of low loyality cities and NPC's Loyality( based on both their satisfaction and relationship)
- that will lead to an all out division within the kingdom which will serve a more depth to both the world strategy part of the game and diplomacy.


----------- such npc's with the ambitious or Greedy Trait, wont sit well as a rather obedient Soldier, But A leader that can scheme to over throw his king if his satisfaction didnt meet a specific standard or his characteristic (Trait Influence him to ask for higher position and Authority).giving him a fief might make him a noble, or granting him titles which higher his salary but grants combat/managing stats.

----- as well as the NPC's with low satisfaction might make secret pacts with other clans of other kingdoms based on there personal relationship..... or be more exposed to bribes ( would be epic to see arts of such events occured or a gif like cenematic)

------ as well as the ability to Recruit (( Spy's))-- the eyes and ears of every leader--- clan leaders might get warry around other clans surrounding them, if they realised an odd behaviour, be it army gathering wise or at an Economical level, Spy's will act as your eyes for those who have a reason that they might declare independence, and warn you aswell as the leader of each clan as they each have there own spy's, to act by leaving them of there service or exciling them.
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