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Sir Frederic

When you enter the service of a kingdom as a mercenary, your wife and brothers tell you that they are happy that you are fighting alongside her, or they say that they want to see if you are worth what they are paying for you. Your brother, who is from Battania, is happy that I fight on his side, when I enlisted as a mercenary with the Empire, besides, he is also part of the mercenary company.

It should also be noted that in the conversation openings it doesn't matter if they are together in the same party or if they don't see each other for days, they always talk and say goodbye as if they separated after that conversation. Also, when you happen to be in a kingdom or as a lonely clan, they start to use a more personal narrative to call you captain and be at your command.

There is a NOTORIOUS dialogue gap in the most basic of the game.

Your relatives should have a dialogue that is more aware of the situation. And if you allow me to suggest, according to your Traits. Your merciful woman will tell you that "So you have enlisted us as mercenaries for the "kingdom", I just hope that your actions do not harm the common people and stain the name of our family in red", a cruel woman will say something like "... ., it's time to show why they should fear us", etc, etc. Just as the introduction dialogue of a noble changed according to Traits, these dialogues too. Even make comments against and for whom we are fighting according to whether they have a positive or negative relationship with the monarch. Marrying Ephipheria and becoming a Raghaea or Garios mercenary would have to lead to unflattering dialogues for you.

When it comes to opening and closing dialogues, it would be good if they were aware of his location, as well as your character, who says goodbye to conversations with the companion who follows him. A wife who is in your party, would introduce herself saying something like "Husband, what do you need" and would close with "I'll be here any need" or something.

Regarding the dialogue they use depending on whether your clan is in a kingdom or whether you are the monarch. It would be good if the greater the relationship with your relatives, it becomes more informal. If I have a brother who hates me, I expect him to respect me by addressing me as his majesty, but a brother with whom I have a high relationship, I want the informality to last, according to the intimate friendship we share.
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